Monday Blues // 34

May 6, 2013

Major yesses.

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was quieter than we'd been planning, which was pretty amazing. I was due a weekend off. We slept late, watched movies, got some things done around the house and in the yard, and even snuck in a bit of antique shopping.

After giving it a good week, I've decided that this isn't doing it for me:

I swear the color is a nice light & bright aqua...that little nook just makes it so dark and...candy colored. So I think we're going with a matte black instead. You know, when I can convince E to repaint it for me. Because he lives to paint.

Speaking of painting things, we FINALLY got my amazing astro prints (courtesy of Jessica) framed and hung! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Gridding sucks. So does not having an Ikea. I finally bit it and went with these guys, which Eric sprayed gold (told you painting is his life now). They're not the best quality frames in the world, but I'm going with the notion that you barely notice them because those prints are so amazing!!!

Smiles every time I walk through that room, so I guess all the pain and suffering of measuring was worth it.

And speaking of smiling, if you'd been at our house Sunday night, you would have been watching G's 30 seconds of fame as she nailed herself in the nose with styrofoam airplane on America's Funniest Home Videos! Pretty fun. (G is my step-daughter for those of you that are newer around here.)

Our little star.
Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH now i get it!! how dumb am i that i had no idea you had a stepdaughter? hello!!!

A Perfect Gray said...

absolutely wonderful prints. look great...donna

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

The blue in that bookshelf kills me - perfection. And speaking of perfection, love your grid girlfriend!

Proper Hunt said...

Tobe, those astro prints are fabulous!!! I'm really jealous now. You can't see it on my face but I totally am ;)

Meghan said...

Ummmm LOVE those prints! 100% worth the effort :) I agree on the door tho--maybe if the blue had a little more grey in it? Less candy-colored?

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller said...

Thank you for that awesome bookcase inspiration. I hear you on the door, black all the way!!!! I love your grig....I have the attention span of a 2 year old, don't know If I could handle it so I'm glad I can live vicariously through you and Jess.

Congrats on making Emily's instagram post!!!

Unknown said...

Lots of excellent in this post - that bookshelf? KILLING ME. Your grid wall of astro lovely? OH MY GOD. SO GOOD. And your G's 15 minutes of fame?! How totally cool - you must put up a You Tube link so I can have a watch :)

Oh and congrats on Emily Henderson picking your gorgeous chairs! You WIN!!!


Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Weekend sounds heavenly - a perfect match for your new fab astro walls! I hear you on gridding... We did one wall recently and it certainly was an exercise in problem solving and patience.

Katie Waddell said...

LOVE those prints!!!!

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