January 31, 2012

just wanted to tell you . . .

type tuesday || charlotte trounce

i mean, have you ever?
loving this precious packaging by UK illustrator charlotte trounce:

charlotte trounce for red stone

and one to grow on!

charlotte trounce

fashionista || starting off bright

January 30, 2012

happy monday, kids! ordinarily, i might not be so cheerful at the start of what is bound to be another busy week. but today i had the opportunity to put a little post together for the sweet chassity of look linger love, and it's all about getting this week of to a bright start . . . which might just have everything to do with your wardrobe! know what i'm saying?

want to see what i was able to round up for her?

hopefully you find a little somethin somethin to brighten up your day.

artist || cate parr

January 27, 2012

taking inspiration from cate parr's vibrant illustrations this friday morning

images from cate parr spotted via pikaland

huge thanks for all of the wellness wishes - they helped! i'm back at it today.
wishing everyone a colorful weekend! ox

* update: thanks to marie of mrs. dalrymple for sharing cate's etsy shop link!
now how to choose a favorite (or two) . . .

needing a day of rest

January 26, 2012

well, a hectic schedule has caught up with me.
(485,748,684,672,947 kleenexes later)

looks like i'll be spending the day in bed with plenty of hot tea and lemon.
wish my deadlines understood . . .

interiors || katie ridder and a crush on color

January 25, 2012

you guys. i freaking love your comments! you honestly make my days so much better. i wish i knew every last one of you in person, because i know we would have a seriously good time.

moving on . . .

i'm sure most all of us are familiar with katie ridder's semi-recently released katie ridder rooms, yes? if not, here's what you need to go out and get immediately:

get it on amazon like i just did (late to the party, i know)

i know this might seem like a huge no-no since i just came from a conference harping on original content, but i'm in a whole new place when it comes to inspiration since i have a new house to decorate.
so bear with me if you've seen these images a thousand times.
pretend you just bought a new house to decorate, too, and you're equally obsessed with color.

katie seems to know a thing or two about color. and she's certainly not scared of it.
which i love.

images and design via katie ridder

it would be completely unfair for me to be considering lavendar walls for g's room now, wouldn't it?
so many ideas. so few rooms.

type tuesday || elissa hudson illustration

January 24, 2012

showcasing another very talented friend this week . . . gosh, i seem to have a lot of those!

that last one's my fave. could you guess? black and white gets me every time.

you can find more in elissa's etsy shop.

interiors || already monday

January 23, 2012

i could sure use one more day sleeping in after a long and exciting weekend of go-go-go . . .

this doesn't look like a bad place to do just that.

perfect package || always

January 20, 2012

so i've been soaking up crazy inspiration at alt summit these last few days, which i was both excited and nervous about.
excited because i knew i was about to learn more than my brain can possibly handle about branding, blogging and connecting.
and i get to meet a number of blogger peeps for the first time. in real life.
nervous because we're talking about hundreds of women in close proximity for 3 days.

so i figure what could be a more fitting feature than these?

design by heda hokschirr || via the dieline

have yourselves a safe and eventful weekend!

guest post || la dolce vita dream home

January 17, 2012

i'm suuuuuuper honored to tell you that today i'm over at la dolce vita discussing my dream home!

please come check it out, and be sure to stay awhile.
it's no secret that paloma has some of the best taste out there!

better homes and gardens

big thanks again, paloma, for having me! ox

type tuesday || my own work

a peep at my desk at work:

hand lettering by one of my incredibly talented co-workers (same one that lettered this)
birthday note by another very talented co-worker
pics are of me as a babe and me holding my beautiful niece when she was still tiny (almost six whole years ago!)

one of my cards spotted on the rack in-store:

it's always so rewarding to see them produced.

interiors || the ones that got away

January 16, 2012

i have been doing a lot of antique/discount/consignment shopping for the house. a lot. and i feel like it's only fair that i share some of my hard-to-walk-away-from finds (some of which i'm going back for today, if they're still waiting for me).

mirrored chevron screen ($574,386,476,549,867,986,248,484):

these actually came home with the intention of gifting them, but we love them too much.
so guests will get the gift of using them when they come over instead :)
(set of 6 different vintage cars -- also snagged the tumbler version of the crest set in the back):

too trendy, but loved the color:

rugs are expensiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.
either that or i just love the expensive ones:

gravitating towards black for some reason:
* sorry for the blur *

wants to be recovered. too big for our space, but dig the shape and detailing:

i would buy 1,000 coffee tables if you let me:
loved this one. very nuevo estilo if paired with a colorful velvet sofa, no?

can you see that price tag? stupid:


contender for g/uest room. price included matching nightstands and dresser:
do people still match their furniture?

* sorry if you do. i mean no offense *

more stupid. gorgeous, but stupid:

i'm still considering this table:
it has beautiful detailing on the tabletop, and has a butterfly leaf system, which i really love because it stays round

french-y furniture kills (so did the price tag):

i am such a sucker for crystal decanters:
(of which my awesome mama gifted us 2 for christmas!!!!!!)
and they're better than all of these combined. i'll show you someday.

nice pedestal, attractive details:
only as a set and there weren't enough chairs.
plus, the price was not friendly. but i'm cheap frugal, so take that for what you will.

WHAT if you had a tabletop full of this gorgeousness?!?!!?!?
oh, you could do so many things with this china:

hahahahahahaha - i would never. but it sure is fun:

smoked gray chandy. i still think about this. the price really was right:

the mirror is missing and you can't tell that that's a marble countertop.
this was nails in person. more than i could spend on a non-essential piece of furniture,
but beautiful:

i love this to the end of the earth and back!!!!

another contender for g/uest room. could an 11-year-old possibly dig this?
it would be handed down to generation after generation of little tobe and erics:

get rid of the disgusting silk and we'll talk:
there were 6, which was awesome.

lovely strong occasional table:

my pimp cup and travel mug:

i think i'm going back for these napkin rings:
you would, right? for $16?

there were two of these:


when i'm queen with a giant sunroom:

this octagonal table was ridiculously fun with the navy upholstered chairs:
i just couldn't commit to a glass table if we're going to be having the chitlins (someday).

something stopped me.
but the price was right on all counts.

all right. tell me what i'm going back for . . .
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