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March 30, 2013

Found myself pretty inspired by that last Reagan Geschardt painting. . .

art // floor lamp (major want!!!) // sofa // side table // zebra pillow (similar) // suzani pillow sold (similar)
credenza // lamp (always always something blue) // sculpture // coffee table

Artist // Reagan Geschardt

March 29, 2013

No surprise that these abstracts from Reagan Geschardt absolutely slay me.

Sands at Sunset

Fields of Lavendar


Water Lilies

Strangely, even though I am wildly attracted to the glorious brights above, I see this one working out best at home.
Stunning over a sofa or dining room buffet, no??


Wishing you an equally glorious weekend! ox

House Guest // Peonies and Brass

March 28, 2013

I'm excited to welcome today's house guest, whose style always appeals to the girly decorator in me. Her DIY skills are truly enviable and her taste in rugs is top notch (how do you score them, Elyse?!)

She's brought a little bit of spring our way and since we're rocking snow on the ground in Kansas City, I'm taking as much of that as I can get! Thanks for stopping by, Elyse!

. . . . . . .

Hey BIA lovers, Elyse from Peonies & Brass here, feeling positively giddy to be Tobe's house guest today!

If you follow Tobe on Instagram (and if you don't, you should!) then you know that it's not looking much like spring where she is. Two feet of fresh snow does not pretty new blooms make! Sadly, the same is true for a lot of us, but if you're anything like me you're still itching to usher old man winter out the door. So today I thought I'd bring you my tips/picks for fakin' it until we make it - Mother Nature be damned!

For me, welcoming spring is all about bringing luscious colour back into our lives - from watery blues, to berry pinks, to lemonade yellows. Take these two gorgeous spaces, for example. Don't they just scream sing spring?

These pretty ladies are all about taking a blank (dare I say wintry) white canvas and injecting pure joy into it, using nothing but punchy new textiles and natural textures. The best part? Maximum impact with minimum commitment. No new sofas or wallpaper paste required - just some well chosen accessories to add some serious drama. Even that stunner of a headboard is actually just a pretty scarf thrown over a neutral one!

Here are some of my pieces to help to get this season started, and quick:

  1. If you're on board with the switch-up, but not with a full-on rainbow, try cool blues and greens in patterns that evoke all kinds of life - from jungle cats to fig trees
  2. Baskets are a great way to bring in natural texture, plus they'll help you organize after that big spring cleaning. Nate's new offerings for Target are cheap and cheery, a total win win!
  3. Not afraid of a little boom boom pow? Then these bold pillows -from three of my fave etsy sellers - might be right up your alley! {hot pink // ikat // gold zig zag}
  4. I came across these vintage Bolivian blankets in the most recent Lonny, and they completely stole my heart! They'd be perfect as a pop of colour at the end of the bed, or to cover a boring banquette. Kantha quilts are another great option! 
  5. If you can't have fresh flowers, grab the next best thing. A change of seasons is just the excuse I need to indulge in a whole host of pretty new scents!
  6. West Elm's Soumake Jute rug is totally on point and easy on the wallet. Want something with a little (or a lot) more colour? Check out my fave turkish kilim vendor on ebay - you won't believe the selection and prices.
Thanks so much for having me Tobe! Here's hoping we all get a little real sunshine soon! xoxoxo

Interiors // Neutral Nurseries

March 27, 2013

 Jamie Meares via Lonny magazine

Since Eric and I have our 20 week sonogram today (!!!!), it seemed appropriate to talk baby. In case you missed that, we are actually going to see our little nugget in there!! So amazing. I have been waiting for this day for ages. Things are definitely starting to get real around here. My belly is expanding enough that my current pants are just a wee too tight (for all of you other preggers ladies out there, Joe's maternity jeans are a dream), there's always something new happening with my body, we're looking at day care options and, frankly, I'm starting to freak out. Who decided that I should be responsible for a life?!

Awesome Eats 01 // No Fail Vegetarian Chili

March 26, 2013

While I would never in a million years try to trick you into thinking that I'm a master in the kitchen, there are just a few super easy, no-fail recipes that stay on steady rotation at our house. Since I get some interest when I instagram them, I thought I would go ahead and share a few here. You should know that I'm not big on handling raw meat so if I take on dinner duty, it's usually of the vegetarian variety. Sorry meat eaters!

My mom introduced us to this chili a month or two back and we just made it for the third time. The words easy and delicious both come to mind. And both are serious understatements! Most of these ingredients are likely hiding in your pantry, just itching to be thrown together for one of the best meals ever!

Monday Blues // 28

March 25, 2013

Holy. Amazing.

What a beautifully fresh juxtaposition of modern and traditional.
Anyone have an extra 4.7 mil laying around for me?

Getting Personal // Five Things

March 22, 2013

My dearest Jacquelyn tagged me to participate in the Five Things phenom floating around the blogsphere, and as one of my very first blogger friends, I find her hard to turn down. Then Elizabeth went and did the same so I officially haaaaave to do it! So here goes . . . five things you may or may not care to know about me:


I could probably eat pasta for every meal. I looooooooove it in all of its glutenous glory. Sometimes I'm good and go the gluten free or spaghetti squash route, but usually I just opt for the whole wheat version and pat myself on the back.

Mexican is a close second.

Interiors // David Jimenez's Kansas City Condo

March 21, 2013

Soooo . . . in the interest of not laying things on too thick, I'm nothing short of obsessed with David Jimenez's style. The man calls on my masculine tendencies like none other. If you haven't seen his portfolio of gorgeous homes (including two Palm Springs residences and his previous KC Hyde Park abode), then you really should take a peek.

Only natural that when Jaclyn told me his latest condo reno is featured in this month's Architectural Digest, stalking immediately commenced. Needless to say, Mr. Jimenez does not disappoint.

Want in Every Color // 05

March 20, 2013

I suspect that some of us are feeling a little bit over the whole agate trend.
By some of us, I do not mean me.

Because let's talk about one of these beauties under a famously delicious dish looking dead sexy in the center of your table, hmmmm?

That's what I thought, too. GIMME.

Type Tuesday // Eat.Drink.Americano.

March 19, 2013

Give me a restaurant where I can nosh on some great food and stare at a wall like this during my meal, and I think you have yourself a repeat customer.

Eat.Drink.Americano. as captured by Bonnie Tsang

Talk to me, people. Have we visited the sale???

Monday Blues // 27

March 18, 2013

Monday Monday Monday . . . only, this is one I've actually been looking forward to! For those of you interested in shopping the One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale (seriously, pinch me), that bad boy will go live at 6p PST / 8p CST. Prepare to get your shop on!

If you're not already a member of One Kings Lane (and that would be cray), you can earn a $15 credit towards your first purchase by joining here. Bonus!

Mary McDonald via Traditional Home

One Kings Lane Blogger Tastemaker Sale

March 15, 2013

So this is only one of the most exciting posts I've ever written. No big deal. Except that I finally get to tell you that I will be joining six other obscenely amazing individuals in a One Kings Lane Blogger Tastemaker Sale launching next Monday, March 18!!

Obviously not peeing myself at all. Just another day in the life, ya'll.

I am beyond honored to be among these fine folk, and I really think there will be something for everyone in this sale. Here's just a tiny peek at what I'll have up for grabs:

full 143 pc gold bamboo flatware // Amy Kligman original art // lucite and glass coffee table
set of 3 turquoise glass canisters // brass faux bamboo nesting tables // marbled ginger jar lamps

Brass, turquoise, colorful art . . . Shocking, I know.
I hope you'll check out the sale!!! If you're not already signed up, you can do that here.

Happy weekend! ox

Photography // Steve Back, Hutt Lagoon

March 14, 2013


Completely unreal.

Steve Back Photography

Sidenote: Did anyone else see that Google Reader will be no more after July of this year?! What the whaaaaaa? I am going to have to start preparing now. If you don't follow BIA via Facebook, Bloglovin or Twitter (dah - you obviously should be), how do you follow? Please share since many of us will be seeking out and/or accommodating new methods!

Perfect Package // Circle 21 Candles

March 12, 2013

Ever the sucker for a pretty package, I am smitten with this beautiful Circle 21 candle collection and simple branding.

Circle 21 via Lovely Package, design by Nudge

Monday Blues // 26

March 11, 2013

Apologies for the little hiatus last week. Things be gettin busy around here! This week is shaping up to be much the same.

You may have seen out there in the blogsphere that one of those things keeping me busy (mostly praying to Mother Nature for some actual spring weather) is the upcoming Home Depot Patio Style Challenge. I'm excited to be participating this year, and have lots of plans for pulling our patio together at lightning speed once we're able.

Since right now our patio looks like a lotta this, we have a way to go. I'm excited to see what these other fine folks put together as well! You can see our collected inspiration on the Style Challenge Pinterest board.

As I've been pulling inspiration of my own, I've realized that I am very much about the casual, weathered old world garden look. (A la half of Arch Digest's outdoor gallery.)

But I'm also all about bright, lively and modern outdoor rooms like these.

1 // 2 & 3 // 4

Ultimately, my recipe for success is comfort, style and lots of potted plants. Probably some turquoise.
Now if we could just get the weather to turn so we can get the patio furniture out, we'll have a good start.

Happy Monday!

Monday Blues // 25

March 4, 2013

Eric Linebarger Photography for Because It's Awesome

Dining room snippet. Woop!

Happy Monday!
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