Because It's Awesome + Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

April 30, 2013

Today's the day that I can finally share my patio, party people! I say finally, but in reality things actually came together pretty recently. When Home Depot contacted me about participating in their patio challenge, I had no idea Mother Nature was going to make things such a challenge. It came down to the 11th hour and we had to push through record low temperatures (which we may be getting yet again this week..grrrrrr), but we got er done!

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Eric and my mama for all of their help getting this together! Eric did so much work due to my preggers condition preventing me from heavy lifting, painting and staining. (Truth: I don't think he trusts me to do as well on the DIY experiments projects anyway.)

And I've not given her enough credit to date for all that my mom has contributed. She was definitely my sounding board when making decisions for this challenge under the clock. Not only that, but she is often my partner in crime when antiquing, consignment and Craigers shopping. It's kind of become our thing, and I've scored so many great pieces thanks to her! She was pretty instrumental in that One Kings Lane sale success. The lady makes a pretty great business partner, I gotta say :)

Enough of the sentiments. Go check out the final product! But be sure to come back and tell me what you think....We'll recap everything in depth later this week.

Monday Blues // 33

April 29, 2013

I love anything with that collected over time feel with irreverent use of color.

Also, this happened yesterday:

This is the door from our kitchen/eat-in to the garage. I've been wanting to paint it for-ev-er, but have been going back and forth between a bold color or black. Black feels classic and safe, so I knew I had to try this first. I love the color long time, but I didn't get immediately giddy upon seeing it hung, so I'm not sure it's staying. It was also 11pm after a long weekend of moving my mama and having Eric out of town, so we'll live with it for awhile before making any rash decisions. Plus, I think he would kill me if I made any such demands right away. So more on this later.

Home Depot patio reveal tomorrow, ya'll!
I'll be posting a bit later than usual -- 9am Central.

Decor // Pieces + One Kings Lane

April 26, 2013

You guys catch the Pieces sneak peek this week?? Cheers to going broke on Saturday!

What are you gunning for??

Etsy Shop // Belafonte

April 24, 2013

Really loving the work of illustrator Emma Leonard! Girl has a lot of range, but I find that I love her painterly and graphic portraits the most.

Interiors // Black & Spiro

April 23, 2013

I'm sorry, but can we please talk about Anna Spiro's new site? First of all, the site design itself is spectacular. Spec. Tac. U. Lar. And then there's her portfolio. I should be saving this for next week's Monday Blues, but it's just too good.

Monday Blues // 32

April 22, 2013

Happy Monday, kids!

If you were following me over the weekend, you might have seen that I did some serious plant shopping for the patio. Normally I wouldn't go so early in the season because we're still getting freezing overnight temps every once in awhile, but the Home Depot Patio Challenge waits for no one! Which is fine with me as long as I don't end up replacing too many of them...I can't wait to show you how things have turned out!

I'm not gonna lie, my momma and I had some serious fun picking out pretties. My dad even stopped by to keep us company while we got things potted. Just a regular family weekend around here.

Poor Eric was out slaving in the yard.
But it looks AMAZING, so it's worth it.
At least to me, who does a lot less labor in the yard....Soooorry :)

There was some solid fire pit time to reward everyone for their efforts.
Even if the fire itself was miniature.

How was everyone else's weekend? Anything exciting happening??

Interiors // Miscellaneous Perfection

April 19, 2013

Sorry, guys, but last night when I should have been writing today's post, I was busy eating a McDonalds McFlurry (serious guilty pleasure) and watching the baby kick. Quite honestly, I don't know how long this has been visible because I don't tend to leave my white belly exposed, but I have been feeling kicks since week 15 and Eric was able to feel it at about 18 (we're at 23 now). So if we'd tried, I'm guessing we might have seen this a bit sooner.

I can't say it enough. This is so. surreal. I was absolutely mesmerized.

Also, Baby is an eggplant. Whoever came up with the fruit and veggie size chart was pretty brillz. I love comparing my unborn to what I should be eating (turns out there are no McFlurries on the size chart. hmmmmm).

Enough baby talk. Let's just look at some pretty pictures, shall we?

One of the best kitchens/eat ins of all time.

Mark D. Sikes via Lonny Magazine

Crazy perfect dining room.

Lindsey Adelman chandelier via Small Shop

And I'd like to be here...

Design // Spa Q

April 18, 2013

Love this branding by MAUD for Spa Q. Great use of texture, pattern and color.

Guest Post // Loving Lately at Vmac and Cheese

April 17, 2013

Since Victoria is on extended vaca in Napa (*grumbles under breath*), I'm discussing some of my favorite spring steals over at Vmac and Cheese today. So if you need some wallet-friendly springtime inspiration for the casa, head on over!

In somewhat related news, I am loving Target's Threshold collection like nobody's business! There are just a few pieces I don't need any excuses to buy...

wall urchin (whaaaa????)

Have you guys checked out any of these goodies in store? Thoughts?

Type Tuesday // Sean Wes

April 16, 2013

Sean Wes

* Thinking of you, Boston. Emitting all of the love and strength I have for mankind today. *

Art // How Now Brown Cow

So this is going to sound a little crazy. Blame it on my midwestern roots or coming from a family of farmers, but I am sort of into the idea of cow art lately.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Before you write me off completely, know that there are some totally legit options out there. I mean, if Sharon Montrose is doing it, it's gotta be cool....

Monday Blues // 31

April 15, 2013

Get serious.
Completely obsessed with this space! Quite the daring mix of pattern, color and texture. It works for me. You?

Vintage fabric on that sofa....Life is so unfair.
And speaking of life, I'm so glad to have you guys in it. Even if it's virtually. Love my mommy coaches! Thanks to all who commented and emailed after Friday's post. oxox

Artist // Yulia Brodskaya (and random Friday thoughts)

April 12, 2013

You guys. It's Friday. Which is great, except how did that happen?? I feel like my days are down to 7.5 hours with so many more things to accomplish than is humanly possible. Eric and I had dinner with good friends last night and since they're expecting their second babe any day now (!!!!), they had lots of baby advice to share. Which I'm soaking up like a dry sponge.

House Guest // Swoonworthy

April 11, 2013

I love getting to introduce today's house guest. Not only because she knows a thing or two about design (don't miss her house tour for all of the evidence), but also because she's sic talented in ways even she didn't know! Some of you may recall my mention awhile back about that day she decided to pick up a paint brush and make MAGIC for the first time since high school . . . Total. Ridiculousness.

Thanks for stopping by to share your stellar tips today, Kimberly!

. . . . . . .

I'm so excited to be a part of Tobe's House Guest Series!  I've admired her and her blog for such a long time - she's got an amazing sense of style and I'm so so excited to be welcomed into her very awesome space!!   Can I use anymore exclamation points?!! Sorry, I'm excited!!!  Ok, I'm calm.  I am.  And breathe.

A little about me... My boyfriend and I bought our Edwardian semi in Manchester, England nearly 3 years ago and have been working on it with our own two hands ever since, blogging about every success and every failure at  My own style is a mix of eclectic, boho and glam (Is it any wonder I love Tobe's style?).  However, like many of us out there, we don't have loads of cash to splash around and yet, we want big style.  It's hard to find fantastic products when the selection here in the UK is pretty sparse.  The room sizes are decent for England but homes are generally much smaller here than in America or Australia.  With such challenges, I've learned that many of the rules I read when I first started my decorating adventure are meant to be broken - with creativity and a bit of attitude, I've discovered anything is possible.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd share with you today some of the things I've learned along the way using my own home to demonstrate each point...

5 Myths of Decorating Debunked!

Myth #1.  It takes a big budget to get big style.

Hell, this is the easy way out!  Who wants to just BUY when you can 'make do and mend'?  Get creative with paint, wallpaper, fabric and vintage items.  Your home will be more creative and more eclectic to boot.  Not only that, but you'll end up with pieces that are unique and uniquely you.

See that little chest of drawers?  It was a horrible ugly painted pine dresser with silver knobs that was ready to go to the charity shop.  Left over wallpaper and paint and some new handles gave it a new lease on life.  Total cost?  £24.

Shop Love // Emily Rickard fine art and colorful things

April 9, 2013

I'm ashamed to say that even though I've had my iphone since October of last year, I have yet to commit to a case for it. (I know. I live on the edge.) This is less about the abundance of adorable cases out there and more to do with the fact that the hard ones don't seem to protect much in the event of a crash. So I've been eyeing a few different skin options lately instead. These beauties by Emily Rickard sure would make a colorful statement, no?

Problem is, I'm going to need one of each!

Monday Blues // 30

April 8, 2013

Not gonna lie, I could have used another day (or two) in my weekend. I did sneak a few quiet moments on Sunday to catch up on emails and peruse some of my latest home decor mags. So nice to relax just a bit and get caught up! Would not have complained one bit if I'd been forced to do that in the space above. Gotta love those little hits of blue!


April 4, 2013

Sorry, dudes. Short hiatus while I play in the sun yard this week. This is in no way a reflection of how much I love you.

Back on Monday. ox

Monday Blues // 29

April 1, 2013

Happy Monday! We were finally blessed with weather that warranted a little bit of patio action and yard work (gotta get ready for that Home Depot Patio Challenge!) so much of our weekend was spent outdoors. Heavenly. Hope those of you celebrating enjoyed your holiday weekend as well!

To kick off the week, I have to ask:
Have you guys seen the newest, greatest art and textile shop in town? Behold, Rebecca Atwood's gorge collection:

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