interiors || lamp licking

June 29, 2011

did anyone check out the latest issue of highgloss yet? i sped through it after addressing some wedding invitations last night (a girl needs me time after all), but will have to go back when i have more time. as a sucker for a great boutique hotel, i did love their round-up, and decided that west hollywood's chamberlain hotel needed a post of its own . . .

a crazy cool place to stay a few nights, no? i want to lick every single lamp in that place! i'm pretty obsessed with the straight 70s/80s-ness of it . . . a modern interpretation if you will. any guesses on who the designer was? leslie barrett (who needs to be updating her website stat so i can stalk it.)

and don't forget about the i am print giveaway! your odds are pretty stellar right now . . . ends friday.

type tuesday || the wheatfield

June 28, 2011

i am inspired by these illustrations by artist katie daisy on so many levels! her playful technique and engaging palettes are just outstanding. and i definitely respond to many of her messages.

so many more to see here!

type tuesday || playtype

uuummm . . . time to book a flight to copenhagen. open for just one year, the folks at e-type have opened a typographic playground for clients looking for a new customer experience.

the front window and interior walls are adorned with type.

merchandise is displayed in simple black and white.

images via dezeen

a type nerd's delight!

hats off to summer hats

June 27, 2011

or on rather . . .

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what's that? a giveaway?

soooo....despite the fact that i've been busy and monstrously a bit overwhelmed with things lately, i feel like celebrating. for one, i've surpassed 1300 followers on pinterest. no, not here, where i have an actual personality, but on a website where i collect random images. turns out, i'm popular when i don't talk. go figure. i also went shopping over the weekend and bought my first pair of (non-athletic) shorts in - oh - 10 years. sound extreme? i hate wearing shorts. that is, until this weekend. thanks, megan, for your post that encouraged me to give them another shot. third, i really just feel like giving one of our I Am designs away. many people have been so supportive of this series, and the girls and i couldn't be happier! after all, it's not for us, but in support of you beautiful ladies all over the world!

so, yes, we're giving one away! well, we're giving THREE away actually!
* to be clear, you can choose from ANY of our I Am prints; i'm just featuring a few in this post *

most of you probably know the drill....
follow because it's awesome with google friend connect
and leave a comment letting me know which I Am you would like to receive and who it will go to
(it's okay to say yourselfish)
if you tweet or blog about the giveaway or the i am project, leave additional comments for extra entries
(please include @tobe_reed so i can track your tweet)
* japan/joplin prints are fair game, too *
details: art will ship unframed as a 5"x7"
(or, in the case of the few that aren't a perfect 5"x7," they will fit into an 8"x10" frame)

* click the i am project button in the sidebar to view the complete series *

three separate winners will be randomly chosen and announced this friday, july 1st

good luck! and thank you for your support!!

art || for the walls

June 25, 2011

have you seen the new paintings for cocoa and hearts by jen ramos?

images via cocoa and hearts

the colorways are so fresh, and i'm loving that new hit of gold!

interiors || afternoon delights

June 23, 2011

another nuevo estilo slam dunk . . .

i'm floating

honestly, lately i feel like the days are more like seconds and i'm just on autopilot from one second to another. busy busy busy. i don't know how you incredible ladies (and gentlemen) with kids do it. i can hardly imagine adding another factor into the equation.

although, let it be known that i'd like to someday.

 so i'm low on energy and low on time, but when i have either of those things and i'm stealing moments just for me, i love to spend them on pinterest (full on addiction, people) or reading blogs and magazines. i don't subscribe to many mags, so i love love love that i can find equally inspiring images in blogland.

i have some incredible blogger friends (see sidebar), so i usually check them out first. and then i have a whole slew of others that i enjoy reading as well (see places i like to visit page), but i always love finding new blogs.

and so that leads me to the question: do you blog? have we met? i would love to visit! what does blogging do for you? is it your outlet? a job? a way to share your happenings with family and friends?

there are so many of you that visit me here at because it's awesome that i know i've never heard from . . . and i would love to! if you care to share, feel free to say hello and leave your link in the comments. and thanks for visiting when you do. there are bajillions of blogs out there, so it's pretty cool that you stop by my little corner. ox

beautiful bits

June 22, 2011

type tuesday || vintage me oh my

June 21, 2011

since grace's mention of megan cummins' new blog, vintage me oh my, i have been thoroughly addicted. she has the most beautiful vintage samples, modern interpretations, and even mixes in her own fashion plays based on her finds. it's glorious. if you love vintage anything, go now.

images via vintage me oh my

fashionista || animalistic

June 20, 2011

my craving for all things animal print is definitely here to stay . . .

images via fabricly  ||  found through song of style
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