Sending you East Coasters and all of my NYC peeps a little love today and in the coming weeks. Our hearts are with you. ox

image via Desordre

Type Tuesday // Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2012

I know it's a day early, but I have to show off one of my favorite collaborations to date . . . G and I on a greeting card together!
(That's her precious little face and my hand lettering.)

 I have the best job.

*Part of Hallmark's new(ish) Premium card offering at your nearest Gold Crown, Walmart or CVS.

Monday Blues // 08

October 29, 2012

Being that we're hosting both families this year, I'm loving the idea of a unique spin on our Thanksgiving table setting. How gorge would these blues be with a few bursts of complementary orange and yellow? Mums for centerpieces perhaps?

Fashionista // Picked Up Recently

October 26, 2012

It's Friday!!! Are you guys as excited about that as I am? Big plans for the weekend? Me neither. Actually, we'll be painting the dining room which will be quite rewarding when we see the end results, so I'm feeling positive.

I can tell you what is exciting though. As someone that really doesn't love to shop (for clothes), I have had a little closet transformation going on lately. I'm fiiiinally giving in to the notion that sometimes it's appropriate to spend a little more to get more. Which is very hard for someone traditionally extremely frugal, I tell ya. It HURTS to hit that purchase button! However, since eliminating over half of my closet this summer, I'm intent on acquiring some well-made pieces that will last. (Yes, including those Kate Spade and J.Crew numbers I mentioned in the new Want in Every Color column. I don't lie, people.)

Not all of my recent purchases are "high end," but some do feel pretty extravagant since I don't normally invest much in clothes. I prefer those dollas go to the house! (Like on the second Persian I'll be picking up this weekend . . .)

Artist // Miranda Skoczek

October 25, 2012

I featured the vibrant work of artist Miranda Skoczek awhile back.
Turns out she's still out to impress. Love these animal abstracts in neon frames!

images via Miranda Skoczek

Happy Halloween // Painted Pumpkins

October 24, 2012

I'm just a little late to the game this year with my Halloween decor . . . as in, we don't really have any. I did manage to grab a few pumpkins for the front stoop, and I hadn't really thought too much about dressing them up until Erika went and posted her edgy chic version.

image via Small Shop

Helloooo, nurse! How cute are those?
Loving this equally inspiring no-carve option from Lacquer and Linen:

 image via Lacquer and Linen

These guys are guaranteed showstoppers:
(The stems really make them if you ask me, and that could be hard to come by.)

image via Chatelaine

You guys know I love these black and white type pumpkins!

image via Font Crafts

Toile anyone?

If I were to partake, I think this direction would be my favorite for this year:

 image via Perfectly Imperfect

Such a unique palette. And t'would be perfect for the Thanksgiving table with our china.
Hmmm. Maybe I ought to give it some more thought . . .

You guys getting crafty with your pumpkins this year?
I tell ya, Pinterest has no shortage of inspiration floating around!

Etsy Crush // Fabulous Mess

October 23, 2012

This shop has some preeeeetty ridiculous pieces.

images via Fabulous Mess

Monday Blues // 07

October 22, 2012

My office walls want to be this color, I'm fairly certain.

They want to play with that rug all day, too.

Or maybe this rug, which I'm debating. Not sure I can pay what they're asking.
How much is too much for a 7.5' x 10.5' antique Persian, hmmm?

I am on a serious rug binge lately. Must be the impending cold weather . . .

At Home // Dining Room Rug

October 20, 2012

The Persian is here! Phone pics aren't doing it justice, but I haven't been home during daylight hours since its arrival.
Will update when the walls get painted.

Enjoy the weekend!

Want In Every Color // 02

October 19, 2012

I've been rocking the same Orla Kiely wallet for several years, but wear is starting to show in a big way. It's time for a younger, shinier version and I'm thinking these Kate Spade numbers will fit the bill just fine. Especially loving this sugared grape beauty on sale. How cute are those dots inside??!

I mean, how's a girl to choose?

p.s. KS is actually running their Friends & Family sale starting today. Now they're all 30% off with code F12FFUS (through Sunday).


Interiors // November 2012 Elle Decor

October 18, 2012

I'd like to call a moment of silence for the home of Alex Papachristidis as seen in this month's Elle Decor.

Now let's talk about what's working, starting with the library above.
Oh, wait. That would be everything.
Except I'd maaaaybe consider painting the ceiling a (light) color. Icy blue?

Mmhmm. Complaints here?
Only that I am fairly certain I can't afford that wallpaper.

I'm obsessed with all of the cool tones/fabrics and their play with the golds/woods/warm wallpaper.
Everything looks so rich. It's tough for some people to make antiques look so inviting.

Please look at that floor. Shit be busy as hell in this space and it's still soothing, particularly in that first shot of the living room.
Is that even possible?

 This dining room is nails (no pun intended).
Nailheads on walls is very clearly trending this year. I'm okay with that.
The peace sign throws me a little bit. Looks sort of like my 6-year-old niece made it out of tinfoil.

Ready for the bedrooms?

No you're not.

Granted, it would be a lot to take it every morning and every night.
But let's say it's your guest room. Your gorgeous over the top guest room.

Or perhaps you prefer reds?

Sweet Jesus, I would pay good money to see this place in person. Obscene amounts to be their guest for a night or two (one night in each room for good measure).

Well done, Mr. Papachristidis. Well done.

Type Tuesday // Wedding Inspired

October 16, 2012

Just a random roundup of design and type treatments that are inspiring me lately.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I may or may not have a thing for wedding invitations.

Monday Blues // 06

October 15, 2012

Justin Whitman via Traditional Home

Despite my decision to go white on the first floor, sometimes I still think about the would-be formal dining room that we're planning to transform into a den, and how it would look absolutely amazing in a rich, sultry color like the shot above. I don't know how feasible it would be, but we've toyed with the idea of installing french doors between the family room and den, essentially separating the spaces just enough that maybe one dramatic space amongst all of that white wouldn't be too out of place? I'm not sure.

I especially love that the walls, moldings, bookshelves, doors and ceiling are all painted out in the same sexy hue with curtains to match. Creates quite the perfect backdrop, no?  *I do think patterned window treatments would have looked spectacular, too.

p.s. Donna posted some noteworthy libraries last week. I'm still wiping up the drool . . .

Pattern Play

October 12, 2012

Well, since Target's Threshold collection, Zara Home making it to the U.S., and Lulu&Georgia's magnificent debut have been sufficiently covered in the blogsphere, how about simply a bit of eye candy on this fine Friday?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I am truly obsessed with the pattern, texture and color stories in these images. Can't. Stop. Staring.
Enjoy your weekend! ox

Where/Wear, Art Inspired

October 11, 2012

Helllllooo. Boy, do I have some fun news for you kids today! After some deliberation, Gaby and I have decided to bring our Where/Wear column to our own blogs. And today is our official first installment. Holla!

Inspired by a very beautiful painting by the extraordinarily talented Mallory Page, we bring you an unexpected combo of color and style . . .

WEAR (aka Gaby's outfit genius)
When I saw this painting (by Tobe's suggestion I have to add) I immediately thought of that gorgeous peacoat, a piece that is intended to make you stand out, just as that painting is intended to be the focal point in a room. This is why I left the rest of the outfit simple yet chic, like that cablecross sweater, those legging-style jeans and dark brown leather riding boots. But of course, simple doesn't mean that you have to leave some fun elements out, right? I think that leopard-print driving gloves add the perfect hint of texture and print to this look! And to complete the outfit I couldn't leave out a fabulous leather tote and some gold accessories like a braided snake-chain bracelet to be layered with this link chain bracelet. 

Could that seriously please be my living room? Building a space around Mallory's art meant keeping things generally neutral so her work could really be the spotlight. A dark leather couch grounds the piece, and yin-yang is achieved with a white parsons coffee table. I dig the visual weight of that table and that the white keeps things feeling fresh and bright. A couple of metallic stools add a touch of glam and extra seating in a pinch. The navy Pagoda lamps (pretend there's one on either side of the sofa) and injection of leopard add color, pattern and the bit of whimsy that are basically essential in any successful room. Agate coasters round things out with the ever-necessary natural element. Boom! A room almost as delicious as that outfit.

Perfect Package // Maison Dandoy

October 10, 2012

Tell me you wouldn't feel like celebrating constantly if your branding looked like this?

Maison Dandoy via The Dieline

Mandatory confetti, yo.

Speaking of confetti and branding, one of my favorite virtual-gone-real-life friends, Erika of Small Shop, has a shiny new site today in honor of 10 amazing years in business! Many of you are probably already familiar with Erika; her supreme taste, talent and personable nature are well-recognized in the blog community. She's one of the first people that comes to mind when I think about how this blogging journey has introduced me to such wonderful new people that I never would have had the opportunity to meet had I not hit publish that very first time. I am especially grateful to have had the chance to meet her when we were both in NYC a few months ago. She's truly as delightful in person as she is via the intranets, I assure you. If you haven't already, go check out the new site she's been pining over for months. It's b-e-a-utiful!

Interiors // White on White on White

October 9, 2012

My friends, the obsession with white walls persists. I simply cannot help myself. 

Here's the deal: I have to get this house in some semblance of order. Besides the fact that we've been in it for almost a year now, we are scheduled to host Thanksgiving dinner for both families in about a month (!!!!!) and shiz be in its original state. At this point, if it means painting everything a warm, delicious white and later coming back to apply color, so be it.

Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat via Lonny Magazine

Let's just be honest; no one demonstrates the sheer power of white like those cats behind Lonny magazine. Patrick Cline's camera lenses are made of straight up magic glass.

 Estee Stanley via Lonny Magazine

I've been driving myself bananas trying to find just the right rug for the dining room, around which all other design decisions can be made. (This isn't a general truth. I've just made it mine.) And since I cannot be without color, I knew this is one place it would be inserted in a big way. Six Ebay fails later, I finally scored one, and I cannot WAIT for its arrival!

What say you? Will white walls suit?
(Ebay rug shot inserted into pre-move pic of the dining room....sort of ghetto, but you get the idea.)

I just have to keep reminding myself that there are a thousand other glorious ways to apply color...Challenge accepted!

Monday Blues // 05

October 8, 2012

I'm not sold on the bunny art, but i like it in theory. You know, touch of whimsy and all.
Those windows kill.

World Series of Barbecue

October 5, 2012

It's Friday!!! I have to tell you guys, today marks the end of a very long and angst-ridden 7 weeks. O-V-E-R. Hallelujah! Since I've earned a little R&R, hubs and I are thinking about heading down to the biggest barbecue competition in the world.

That's right. You've surely heard that Kansas City's barbecue is arguably the best in the United States ('tis true). Well, every year the city hosts the barbecue contest of all contests, and it's open to the public for great food, drink, fun and games. How cool is that??

In honor, I came across this great Eat 17 Bacon Jam designed by Together Design. Being that bacon jam is best served on warm bread, here's a little fall service setup:

Happy relaxing weekend! ox

Interiors // Nuevo Estilo dream

October 4, 2012

Dear God, can you even imagine how spectacular this place must be in person??!

Giant stained glass windows? Moody walls? Tiled floor? Check. 

Insane moldings? One of a kind furniture and art? Check.
Also proof that you can do a lot with a little.

Please stop it with the floor. Every room? Really?

At first glance, not sure I would ever go for the kitchen...But being there might convince me.

And one to grow on.

Nuevo Estilo, you never fail.
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