house guest || vmac and cheese

November 30, 2011

continuing the new home party with some of my favorite ladies talking new home inspiration, we have victoria from vmac+cheese. i have to say, the day i found victoria's blog, i was absolutely hooked. the girl is down to earth, has an amazing eye, shares absolutely delectable recipes (that i'll definitely be trying when the moving dust settles) and - best of all - she's one of the friendliest bloggers i've ever had the pleasure to correspond with.

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Hi everyone! Victoria from vmac+cheese here, happy to be filling in for Tobe while she attends to all things new-house related. I know Tobe has been looking for a house for quite some time, and I am so thrilled that she's finally found a place to call her own! I can hardly wait to see the transformation over the next few months.

One tradition I can always get behind is the housewarming gifts. And let me be clear -- I mean gifts given to you by friends, or gifts you get for yourself! After all, moving is an excellent excuse to pick up a few fun new home accessories, am I right? Those extra touches are what make a house a home! 

Today, I wanted to share a couple ideas for things that would make great housewarming gifts. When I moved to my apartment a few years ago, I wanted to find a way to "remember" some of the previous places I'd lived. That's when I saw an image of framed vintage flashcards on Pinterest, and it gave me the idea to frame flashcards featuring my previous street addresses and meaningful dates in my life.

This would be a pretty simple DIY gift to give to someone, and would have a lot of meaning! Or, it'd be an excellent project to attempt on your own -- once you're settled in, of course.

If you're not up for a DIY project, there'd be nothing wrong with any of the following housewarming gifts either...whether for a friend or as a little gift to yourself!!

Happy Housewarming, Tobe!!!

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thanks so much, victoria! love the very personal art inspiration, and i think many of us would happily accept every single one of these gifties!

house guest || la maison boheme

November 29, 2011

okay, my friends. i told you that you were in for a treat these next couple of weeks....well, i've asked some of my favorite ladies on the intranets to come by and talk new home inspiration (because you know i need some!). today, we're kicking off the guest series of all guest series with sarah from la maison boheme. i'm not sure when i first discovered sarah's lovely home on the web, but i can tell you that i haven't gone too long without my fix ever since.

if you're into bohemian goodness to the nth degree, you will definitely want to pay her a visit!

+ + + + + + +

Hello all - Sarah here from La Maison Boheme
Okay Tobe, I know you've already got a zillion and one design plans for your new abode, but I wanted to offer my two cents.  I'm thinking modern nouveau bohemian, great art, an avalanche of ethnic textiles, Moroccan overtones and statement piece lighting.  Are you down?  Your entry is a mix of vintage art and found objects.  And if someone asks, "Why did you pick this item?" you can say, "Because its awesome." Duh.

For the living room, I'm thinking lots of cushy bench seating with fabulous pillows and mixed textiles.
And whatever you do, please consider tossing a lot of this on anything that will stand still.
...and more pillows for good measure.
In the kitchen, you guessed it.  
More ethnic prints, some Persian rug action and great lighting.
The bedroom should be simple but also transport you to some serene exotic location.
I love the idea of a large central bed, hanging textiles and well-placed elegant lighting.
I love the idea of a dining nook that doubles as a library.
... and another awesome lighting installation.
And to top it off, the boho bathroom of my dreams.
Except its for you.
Tobe, thank you so much for having me.  
Best best best of luck with the house.
Call me when you're ready for a housewarming!

+ + + + + + +

deal, sarah!
thanks so much for this insane display of pure awesomeness.

bet the rest of you feel like visiting her now, eh?

happy monday || closing day!

November 28, 2011

happy monday, all. big day around these parts.
after a delightful long weekend with family, hubs and i are closing on our new home today.
happy dances all around!

some pretty awesome peeps have offered to entertain you in my absence. the fun starts tomorrow!

design || leibundseele

November 22, 2011

 just delicious.

more by leibundseele on their site

interiors || twisted tradition

November 21, 2011

you're going to have to excuse the interior-heavy posts for the next few weeks. i'm a bit obsessed, as you can imagine. the loft is slimming down and the boxes are piling up around here. it's bittersweet now that it's all real. i've wanted it so badly for the last few months, and now i'm starting to see what i'll be losing when we make this move (albeit gaining a great deal, too!).

anyhoo . . . i've been stealing away moments to peek through some of my old shelter mags as i pack them up. i'm one of those that tabs my pages when i come across something yummy. are you? it's enlightening to see how my taste has evolved in the last year or so. i have some beautiful spaces marked in the november 2010 elle decor, no doubt. but one that i didn't mark a year ago that i've now reveled in thoroughly is the upstate new york collaboration of architect gil schafer and (longtime fave of mine) miles redd. please observe:

photos by william waldron for elle decor

don't argue with me. that shiz is good. worldly, unexpected, colorful, perfectly layered . . .
what's not to like?

interiors || framed art

November 18, 2011

as i dream about decorating the new house, i can't help but fall hard for these perfectly imperfect art walls from the gorgeous manhattan home of kate and andy spade. naturally, the home is charming in entirety and warrants a look-see. no question. it's just these walls . . . they're everything a stylish yet at ease home should be, and they have me thinking about all of the bare walls i'll be dressing in the coming months with bright eyes and eager anticipation.

images via from me to you for matchbook magazine

and i can't sign off without telling you guys that i'll be having some company on the blog in the coming weeks. while i may drop in a time or two, eric and i are taking this time to get ready for the big move (less than 2 weeks!!!) and to spend some time with the fam over the holidays.

you will not be disappointed with the peeps that will be stopping in, so be sure to come by next week! ox

perfect package || chocolate heaven

November 17, 2011

i don't even know if i'd be willing to unwrap these beauties, despite the fact that there's chocolate inside.

henrik konnerup chocolates designed by bessermachen design studio via lovely package

interiors || crushing on a new hue

November 16, 2011

i'm not sure what's gotten into me lately, but new hues are broadening my appeal. as a wildcat, there's no denying that i bleed purple. however, it's never been a top pick when it comes to my home until very recently. and there's really not a specific shade that i'm sticking to, either. i'm loving everything from lavenders to plums to the bluish variety.

 i mean, if done right, it actually acts as a very beautiful neutral.
what do you think? am i losing it?

type tuesday || kate spade new york

November 15, 2011

so, because a lot of awesomeness has been going down in the last few weeks, i haven't had a chance to talk about a little recent shop opening in kansas city. if you follow me on twitter, you heard all about it. if you don't, then let me just tell you that kate spade new york and my girl megan biram know how to throw a mean launch party!

street view of the store as photographed by the very talented eric linebarger

photo by eric linebarger

no party is complete without macarons and legit coca cola with stripey straws.

the store is b-e-a-u-tiful right down to the artfully arranged boxes behind the counter.

photo by eric linebarger

and the rainbow striped floors . . . cute shoes don't hurt either.

photo by eric linebarger

and here's the reeeeally fun part (and where my type tuesday reference comes in) . . .
yours truly was there to personalize kate spade totes! my job is tough, right? i look quite serious.

photo by eric linebarger

photo by me

our extreme marker display and my larger than life fingernails even made it onto the ks instagram!

and just because that's not quite enough kate spade for one post, i picked out a few things i'm coveting right now for your entertainment. or holiday shopping. whatever.

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