Artist // Anna-Wili Highfield

September 28, 2012

I don't even know what to say about artist Anna-Wili Highfield's incredible paper sculptures.

These gorgeous pieces are made from archival cotton paper that is painted and sewn together. The copper pipe she uses is bent and manipulated to create forms reminiscent of line drawings.

I mean, can you even imagine? I want to choose a favorite, but I just can't. I love the sophistication of the white pieces above, but I'm also so in love with the playful nature of the colorful renditions below.

Can you choose a fave?

all images via Anna-Wili Highfield

Happy Friday, kids. RAWR!

want in every color // 01

September 27, 2012

Well, kids, it appears that animal print is the heavy favorite for the settee. I like where your heads are at. Thanks to those of you that cast a vote! I promise to keep you updated on the progress....regardless of how long it might take :)

Today, I thought I'd kick off a new series in honor of my addiction to color. Every once in awhile I find something that I literally want to buy in every single shade available. Sometimes it's clothes, sometimes jewelry, often homewares...

First up, the J.Crew Tippi Sweater. Obsessed might not cover it with this one. Me likey. A lot. Great fit, amazing weight (not sheer, but still thin and great for layering), classic cut, and comes in an insane assortment of colors. Is it embarrassing to admit that I own four? Thanks for saying no.

AND J.Crew is having a 25% off sale through the 30th with code STYLE25. You're welcome.

the house // sunroom progress

September 26, 2012

So, let's talk about the house a little bit, shall we? As previously discussed, Eric and I nixed the idea of an eat-in dining area and went straight for a sit-and-watch-me-pour-your-drink zone off the kitchen. We're not the types to even use the dining room unless hosting anyway, so why have two? This meant finding just the right size seating to fit the small space. Mind you, not only is this part of the kitchen, but it houses our laundry closet, access to the backyard and door to the garage. Basically, we had to find ourselves some furniture that could float. When I came across this beauty on Craigslist, I jumped.

I love the piece, but I do not love the fabric. Animal print is up for consideration. I always love that look on vintage settees. I think it really brings them up to date with a little edge. Timeless edge, mind you. We do not be reupholstering on a whim 'round these parts. I would sell a kidney to get my hands on some delicious Scalamandre velvet. Or I do love the variation of color in this (affordable) Calico Corners option. Ooooor I'm pretty taken with this beauty, if anyone knows what it is:

I can't afford it, can I? Maybe I should be open to a little Mei Ling? Of course, I have to take the neighboring dining room into account. Quite honestly, I've considered a color similar to the one in the photo above...and it looks to me like it would work juuuuuuust fine. Or maybe the same deliciously warm white with fabric wall panels?

The sunroom still needs a rug (cowhide?), a pair of ghost stools and a modest pedestal table. I looove my Jenny original in this space, and I think I'd like to play off that palette to give the garage door a pop of color (try not to judge the trim that be old and busted).

Big shoutout to Jacquelyn for her paint recommendation! I am deeply taken with Benjamin Moore's White Dove. It's clean and crisp, but still very warm. Naomi tells me that I need to paint the trim the same color...which is clearly still on the to-do list. And, dear God, I know how bad that orange floor burns your eyes. I really wish we'd stained them before move-in, but the 3-week closing period didn't allow for much prep. Maybe know, when the house is full and it's totally convenient.

Help me find a fabric, party people! I neeeeed you.

anniversaries and exhibitions

September 25, 2012

Over the weekend, Eric and I took some time to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. We tossed around several ideas reminiscent of our first few months together including going on our first date again (dinner at a brewhouse and a few games of pool), signing up for dance lessons (we already mastered butchered Tango), or ordering in from the mexican restaurant that catered our wedding accompanied by a friendly little Scrabble competition (which we used to play quite a bit). In the end, we decided to attend the Plug Projects opening on Friday then head to dinner at one of our favorite downtown eateries, Westside Local. Sunday we planted an Endless Summer Hydrangea in the backyard and a baby pine tree in the front. I can't wait to watch both of them grow throughout the years in our house!

I was able to snap a few pictures of the spectacular exhibition opening for BREATHE: The Emergent Colony, but none of them came out quite as well as those from the crew themselves. You really can't grasp how glorious it is in that space without seeing it for yourself! The exhibition is up through November 3rd.

images via Plug Projects

monday blues // 03

September 24, 2012

I have been giving some serious thought to painted ceilings. If I could just settle once and for all on white vs color for the first floor of the house, this will definitely be up for consideration! Even if we decide against it for the main rooms, I'm thinking it's still a winner for the powder room. I mean, we all know that a splash of color goes a long way, hmm?

I've also been thinking about this blogging thing since Jenny's post last week. I've known for awhile that blogging satisfaction is going to come from being willing to talk about things a little closer to home. What I haven't been so sure of is whether any of that will be interesting to you guys. I was still a little nervous about it when I thought it time to come back to blogland. But I've decided that it's high time I get a little more personal around here, which may not always mean gorgeous photos or regular posting...but hopefully still entertaining and enriching content. And you can always check me out on Pinterest if you need to feed the visual slut in you. Lord knows I won't be slowing down there anytime soon :)

Happy Monday! ox

type tuesday // productive procrastination

September 18, 2012

an assortment of lovely sketches from the very talented frances macleod...

and my favorite...

so true.

monday blues // 02

September 17, 2012

via lonny magazine, photography by patrick cline

you may have already caught the latest issue of lonny magazine (and if you haven't, i highly recommend a peek), but dear LORD, i could look at this space again and again. couldn't you? so glam with those high gloss peacock walls, metallic ceiling, and breathtaking light fixture. yet somehow still so inviting with the warm tones in the trim, dark floors and upholstered benches.

so so good. happy monday!

perfect package // exercising simplicity

September 12, 2012

when in doubt, don't be afraid to simplify.

type tuesday // maricor maricar

September 11, 2012

you guys are honestly the best. how could i have stayed away for so long? endless thank yous for the welcome back wishes! funny how we can miss people we've never technically met, isn't it? i've certainly missed all of you!

today, i'm excited to resume one of my favorite series here on BIA. i bookmarked maricor maricar's embroidered lettering many moons ago. their entire portfolio is overflowing with supreme inspiration, but the color, detail and application of these tactile beauties had me at hello.

i'm also happy to tell you that i'm over at the vault files filling in for my friend, gaby, while she makes her move across the big blue sea. we're talking interior trends, so come by and give us your two cents, wouldja?

monday blues

September 10, 2012

so perhaps that little build-up on friday wasn't such a good idea. may or may not have left me frozen in indecision yesterday, trying to concoct the most riveting and dynamic comeback post you've ever seen....which i'll be doing none of. let's ease back into this, hmmm?

i have to admit that it's hard to get back to my regularly scheduled program after an amazing whirlwind weekend with my college roomies. it's been years since the four of us have been able to get together without an alterior motive, so this trip back to the alma mater was long overdue. and even though my arms don't appreciate the delayed sunscreen application from a day of football tailgating (holy lobster), my heart is full. i miss everything about seeing those ladies everyday. there's nothing like the friends with whom you can pick up right where you left off, am i right?

feeling a little bit of the monday blues as i gear up for the week ahead...i figure they might as well look good.

man, that particular shade of blue kills me!

hide yo kids, hide yo wife

September 7, 2012

i'm baaaaaaack....

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