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February 28, 2011

this is too amazing not to post.

more stunning photos at desire to inspire

where did the weekend go?

it flew by. and if today was any indication, my week is shaping up to do the same. i've taken on some fun assignments at work, am in the final throes of a cool letterpress project, and have some save the dates in progress for dear friends. all due by friday. whew! you'll have to excuse me if i'm light on posts this week.

we snapped a few shots of our late night letterpressing:

oh my gosh, what clowns! i'll be sure to post the final product when it's all wrapped up.

* hipstamatic photos by melanie

awesome things i spotted this week

February 25, 2011

i mean, i had several awesome things to recap. but then jenny from my favorite and my best went and posted this video, and i've sort of been perfecting my moves ever since....

i would literally call that last kid "boss" if i met him. Ridiculous. capital R.

have yourselves a hip weekend! ox

kiss miklos

love this identity by kiss miklos for the ambrose hotel in montreal.

pattern play

February 24, 2011

putting outfits together made me realize how much i'm loving seeing mixed color and pattern lately. especially so with interiors. just a few images pulled from one of my pinterest boards:

am i crazy?

i came across these isabel toledo sandals last night at none other than payless. payless! whaaaa?

i sort of immediately tried them on. and then proceeded to buy them. and then i thought, really, tobe, what are you going to wear those with? be serious. because i'm not overly adventurous with my clothes. but theeeeeen, i got them home and launched into my closet and came up with this

and decided i'd made a solid decision. i found a million ways to wear these babies after that. plus some ways i'd like to wear them, which would require some shopping. like maybe this:

blouse  |  jeans  |  earrings  |  clutch  |  bangle

or would it be crazy to wear them like this?

dress  |  ring  |  earrings  |  clutch

now i just need mother nature to stop being such a hooch and give us some spring weather....

lunch reads || grilled cheese + luster

February 23, 2011

ummm...i'm gonna say that you should go ahead and overindulge this week with a spinach pesto grilled cheese sandwich and some spicy sweet potato fries. droolz.

then feast your eyes on luster, a design and lifestyle blog curated by brooklyn textile designer jennifer dennis cameron. girl pulls together some dynamite combos in design, lifestyle, interiors and travel. case in point, a selection from her post on facet finds:


pesto grilled cheese image + recipe via closet cooking || spicy sweet potato wedges via smitten kitchen

type tuesday || live the language

February 22, 2011

these videos for education first are ridiculously awesome. not only are they fantastically motivating to get my booty to the other side of the pond stat, but the type usage is stellar as well.

i can't decide where i need to go first....

the stories portrayed are so endearing.

i can hardly resist the charm! where should we go?

hello, frank

so...our friends at lovely package have just come out with sister site lovely stationery. how's a girl to get any work done?!!? love the new site, chock full of gorgeous inspiration.

case in point: these business cards for frank's moments & drinks by fbdi. pretty much anything on kraft has my vote. throw in bold type, black only, and you had me at hellllllo.

type tuesday || spoonful of sugar

mary poppins carrying around a hand-lettered umbrella, handing out chocolate-covered spoons? the only thing better would be actually taking the class taught by stefan sagmeister.

more images and info about the project here. first seen on design work life.

interiors || cozy curiosities

February 21, 2011

i'm a such a big fan of sheryl crow's hollywood home, featured in this month's architectural digest. love her natural, bohemian style. rooms full of carefully-selected objects paired with classic shapes, fabrics and textures really make my heart go a-flutter. i feel like you can really know a person who decorates this way versus a perfectly put together home.

but that's how i decorate, so i'm maybe a little partial. sometimes i wish my space were a little more polished; that everything felt cohesive and styled. but i know that i'm still growing and learning what i like, so i try not to get caught up in perfection (which, as we all know, is nearly impossible for us creative types).

images via architectural digest

pattern + texture

have you guys seen the coveteur yet?

founded by erin kleinberg and stephanie mark, the site showcases the personal style of influential cultural forecasters through their amazing homes and closets.

i'm especially loving the detailed owner descriptions of each item and their significance, offering a little peek into the hearts and minds of these uniquely talented individuals.

photography by jake rosenberg

perfect package || pasta

February 19, 2011

love this packaging by swedish design student erik johansson. i could would eat pasta for every meal if you let me, and i'd display it proudly if it came like this.

spotted at lovely package
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