Modern Farmhouse

May 28, 2014

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believe it or not, there's more.

photos: Belathée Photography

Artist // Jen Garrido

May 15, 2014

beautiful work from artist jen garrido.

imagine a gallery wall of her sketchbook works...

i think yes.

Michelle Armas in Trouvé Magazine

May 14, 2014

as a longtime fan of her beautiful work, i loved getting a little peek into the wonderfully curated home of abstract artist michelle armas. just as amazing as her paintings (many of which are expertly displayed).

photos by paige french for trouvé magazine

i love every inch.
get your copy of trouvé here.

One Room Challenge // Final Reveal

May 7, 2014

well, the day is finally here, my friends. it's time to feast your eyes upon all of the loveliness that is the one room challenge final reveal. i don't know about you, but i am VERY excited to see how all of these extremely talented peeps finished their spaces. thank you mucho for following along and encouraging us along the way! it made it all the more worthwhile.

i'm really happy with how my room turned out. because this space is only temporarily an office (assuming we're blessed with another bambino one day), my goal was to keep spending to a minimum by repurposing what we already had, doing away with what needed to go and -- most importantly -- getting out from under the mountains of clutter and miscellaneous paperwork.

mission (mostly) accomplished. to recap, here's where we started:

major neglect. with a fresh coat of paint, more efficient storage options and a few splashy details, i was able to seriously turn this space around. i'm finally inspired to work in here!

i'm so thrilled with the crisp white walls and the vintage credenza. i can photograph inventory right here (instead of watching it take over my whole house) and store unsightly office goods away in drawers. plus, there's a surface for pretty. all offices need some pretty.

loooooove the 40" x 30" photo i found at minted in this space! it's so zen and absolutely perfect.

 i replaced the parsons chair with this little rattan number for its smaller footprint. it's not a large room and the desk takes up quite a bit of real estate, so this fit the bill. the side table is perfect for now, but as it's inventory, i expect it and many other items in this room to come and go. which is half of the fun, right?

of course, succulents. how perfect are these little brass swan planters??

i'm not traditionally much of a fern girl, but i love the texture it adds to the room. found this little plant stand at a hole in the wall antique mall and couldn't pass it up!

my desk is FINALLY dressed up with bits that have been sitting in folders for far too long. soooo happy to have this mix of inspiration and personal items all up in my face!

textured flowers are everything. ranunculus and dahlias are by far my favorite fleurs.

 brass bathtub for my business cards? don't mind if i do. jennifer from the pink pagoda has the most amaaaazing blue and white ceramic collection. love this little vase for my writing utensils, but also can't wait to get some bright pink peonies in it when ours start to bloom. imagine.

* swoon *

the printer stand is also inventory. i will be sad to see her go, but such is the business.

 the gumball machine got a fabulous makeover. i. am. obsessed. i remember my dad always having peanut m&ms at his office when i was a kid, so i think i associate them with offices. clearly a dangerous decision to have this right next to my desk...

loaded the west elm shelving unit with inventory and my ridiculous mag collection.

sooo many pretties. if you see something you like that isn't in the shop yet, it should be soon! or inquire at if you want dibs on something.

and then there's the closet.

my original intention was to use the gorgeous marbled paper for drawer liners, but i just couldn't do it. had i known i would have been using it for the closet, i may have chosen a different color way, but this paper is insanely beautiful so i'm still happy. i was surprised how easy this project was. (i'm not much of a DIYer.) find the paper here.

sadly, it probably won't stay this empty for long.

so there you have it. operation office redo is a total success!

okay enough of me. let's go see what everyone else did!!! cannot wait!
and do NOT forget to check on the link up group tomorrow. sooo many sic spaces.

special thanks to linda of calling it home for coordinating. and thank you to the wonderful companies that sponsored this round of the ORC!

-  o x o x  -
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