type tuesday || periodic table of typefaces

March 31, 2011

this couldn't wait for next tuesday. WANT.

image c/o graphic design & web design || spotted on pinterest

beautiful world || italian skincare

 david arias for belmondo skincare || images via packaging of the world

changing it up

calling all amazing designerly readers (that's you!) :: i need some advice.

long story short, hubs and i are putting off our house hunt. could be fall, but will probably be next spring. so all of my thoughts of starting fresh with furniture are on hold as well. but i can't continue to live like this! my style is changing, and i would love for my our home to reflect that.....on a seriously tight budget. no sense spending a ton of money now when our next home may require all new diggs, right?

five years ago, i bought my first couch. the lines are beautiful. i've never been so in love with the sage green color, but i negotiated it down to an insane price, so i wasn't walking away from it. reupholstering may be totally out of the question, so i have to consider my options if i keep the color. we're also sticking with the chrome/glass coffee table that hubs and i bought our first christmas living together. mostly because i haven't overcome the sentimental value of it, and the see-through factor is nice in our small space. i also recently scored an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing amy kligman original that will be staying. i half died when i first laid eyes on this painting and i love, love, love it on our wall.

given all of that, do we like a, b or c?

a ||  a lot of what i already have, but changing up pillows and accessories. i have a brass lamp that's begging to be repainted (white?) and that toned-down zebra print adds another layer of pattern and texture, which i'm really into right now. this is a colorful option, totally in keeping with the rest of our place (color whore here!). however, this is something that i'm finding myself gravitating away from ever so slightly.

b ||  less color. still playful, but with a bit of sophistication. love these pillows, but am slightly afraid our kitten will destroy them. he's never outgrown his suckling phase, and has done a real number on one of our throws...the fur-esque pillows would be immediate targets. stylish immediate targets, mind you.

c ||  more in line with where my taste is moving (neutrals with pops of color), but requires some reupholstery. not so sure that will happen, but if the masses vote for it, i have ammo for my argument with hubs :)

* that little wood guy goes in a tray on the coffee table amongst books and bowls and such. i just wanted to show that hit of wood, which we actually have a lot of in our loft.

vote away, my dears!

smitten || ara design studio

March 30, 2011

spring (is?) on the rise

the verdict's still out, as i step out into 33 degree weather this morning...

kind of digging these spring looks from twenty8twelve on shopbop.

type tuesday || the typery

March 29, 2011

turns out, i'm becoming victoria macey's number one fan. couldn't resist posting another project of hers; the typery, a concept for a bakery that creates sweets based on typographic forms.

uuuuuummm...who thinks i would be the first in line on opening day? yessir.

this concept style guide is pretty incredible:

images via victoria macey

type tuesday || bodoni bedlam pop-up type

admiring this stunning book written, illustrated and constructed by victoria macey.

spotted on black*eiffel  ||  images via victoria macey's website

weekend for my weekend

March 28, 2011

i think the blondes spent half of our waking weekend organizing our taxes. (i.e. losing our minds) any reason those need to be so complicated? i think not.

when i finally stole a few minutes of down time last night, i came across the endless and dreamy portfolio of photographer melanie acevedo, and couldn't help but get lost in the unique spaces and breezy smiles of her subjects. coupled with a stout cocktail, i actually felt like i got my weekend back. ha!

here's to a great week ahead!

beach bum

March 27, 2011

how awesome is this beach wedding shoot by tiny water photography? i want to be there. right now. it's snowing outside of my window as we speak.

images from tiny water photography  ||  found via pinterest
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