Dining Space by Studio OINK

June 23, 2014

deep breath.


you weren't ready, were you?

Tech Wallpapers from Thorn + Sparrow

June 13, 2014

i just adore these.

i feel like you're either a quote person or you're not.

more lettering beauty from thorn + sparrow

happy friday! ox

Michelle Smith's Chic NYC Apartment

June 11, 2014

a girl after my own heart, michelle smith (of studio mrs) makes creating an eclectic space look easy.

 there's energetic rugs...bold colors...mixed metals...large art...
all things that add up to one mighty perfect space.

i am completely weak for ferns lately. unfortunately, i'm told they're tough to keep alive in this region. (this region = midwest) secrets to success are welcome because i want them in every room.

it's all so totally classic but with that bit of flair that only some possess.
there's also a shoe closet. which, you know, genius.

you can see more of michelle's home here.
p.s. gabrielle put together the loveliest post to help you recreate that gorgeous kitchen. if you are dying get the look for yourself, hop on over to savvy home.

Normandy House by A+B KASHA Designs

June 9, 2014

i absolutely adore the charming simplicity of this normandy home.
i'm all about edited homes lately.

with so much going on around us nowadays, i'm carefully editing our home to achieve a similar sort of ease and simplicity. i just can't handle the visual chaos and maintain my sanity.

also, i'm regretting passing on a very similar set of dining chairs this past weekend.

but i did score some gorgeous rugs so there's that.
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