Monday Blues // 16

December 24, 2012

Holiday edition, yo! Merry Christmas Eve to those of you celebrating today!!

Aerin Lauder's home, photos by Francois Holard for Vogue

I know most of us have seen this one before, but girl gets it DONE with that bold blue on the walls.

Monday Blues // 15

December 17, 2012

Sometimes a little splash is all you need.

Love the sweet little wreaths hanging in the windows, too.

Just Love

December 14, 2012

My heart breaks for those families suffering today, for those precious children that will never ever be the same because of what they've been through and, really, for humankind. With so much love and light in this world, it's hard to prepare ourselves for these dark moments.

Hug those babes a little bit tighter. ox

Guest Post // Dream Space Series

December 13, 2012

The fine ladies over at Powell Brower Home were kind enough to ask me to talk about my dream home for their Dream Space Series. Having written a similar post nearly a year ago for Paloma, it was really interesting to see how my taste has evolved. Come check out my virtual "move." You'll find a little bit of this:

I know. Come on over!

Gift Guide // For the Neighbors

December 10, 2012

So, I hadn't planned on doing any gift guides here on BIA. (By the looks of things, I hadn't planned on mentioning the upcoming holidays at all. Minor oversight.) But there's one guide that I always want to see and never ever do.

Can a girl get gift ideas for the neighbors (that she really adores, but still doesn't know that well)??? We went the baked goods route last year, and I guess I feel like that's a winner. Food is always good, right? So for those of you that are in the same boat, this is for you . . . (and I'd love additional suggestions if anyone has a go-to!)

* potted herb DIY via the very clever Laura Parke

Monday Blues // 14

An emphatic nod to the hero of masculine glamour, Mr. David Jimenez.

Random Friday Fancies

December 7, 2012

Sorry, dudes. This week got away from me. Between dinners with old friends and shop visits with new ones, I overindulged on food, fun and drinkies. It was awesome!

Also awesome was this major Mikasa score while antiquing last weekend. Just think about the tabletop potential with me, please.

Must. Find. Gold. Flatware.

If you're following me on Instagram (@tobe_reed), you saw these other fun (and VERY reasonably priced) finds, too.

I came across these hide stunnas while visiting with my friend Jaclyn at her gorgeous shop. Decisions, decisions . . .

Aaaaaaaaaaand -- best treat of the week -- my uber talented cousin, Elizabeth, surprised us with this belated wedding gift!!!!! How ridiculous is she???

Etsy shop pending, it sounds like. Custom portraits as well as treats like these!

I told her we need a leopard print version. Will be sure to keep you all posted.

Random question from the Insta newb . . . How do you save for #latergrams? I'm apparently not cool enough to figure it out. Help!

Lastly (I hate that word), prepare yourselves for Casa de Tobe overload next week. I'm snapping some current state pictures and potential plans for the space. I'm tired of holding out on you guys.

Happy weekend! ox

So Trendy // Navajo

December 5, 2012

Either southwest inspired looks are popping up everywhere, or I'm just drawn to them all of a sudden.

pillow // earrings // cuff // sweater // tote (WANT!!!!) // salad servers // boots

Monday Blues // 13

December 3, 2012

Happy Monday, peeps! How did the weekend treat everyone? We finally got our tree up and all is looking quite festive. I need to fill in some serious holiday decor gaps (I finally purged a lot of hand-me-downs despite the extreme guilt), but that may have to wait until post holiday sales ensue . . .

Today's Monday Blues shots are kind of awesome in more ways than one. First, SeƱor Robshaw is supremely talented. I dare one of you to tell me you aren't obsessed with his fabrics. No seriously. You probably can't because I adore his fabrics and you're here so therefore you must love his fabrics. It's the law of physics or something. Well, his Manhattan apartment is beyond. You can find the whole thing in this month's Elle Decor.

John Robshaw as seen in Elle Decor

Let's not leave out his kitchen and those sic custom cabinets. I mean, please.

But wait. Then there's his office.

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