Wear/Where // Elva Fields

February 28, 2013

Have I mentioned that I'm craving spring once or twice in the last few weeks? Oh, I have? Still going strong. At least Gaby's in the mood for it too, as evidenced by our latest installment of Wear/Where. We're feeling inspired by Elva Fields big time.

Come spring, I intend to be going in and out of the front door very regularly. Talk about cabin fever with this late winter weather we're having in the midwest! Naturally, I'll want a beautiful vignette to greet me each time. This little situation should do just fine. Plus, it has practical qualities! Like a baller capiz pendant to add a bit of fancy for starters. Add a couple of gorgeous asian-inspired table lamps on either end of a modern console for mood or function. We have a playful tray to catch your keys (and reinforce positive mantra), a votive for that welcoming scent, and a stool for removing shoes upon entry (also conveniently mobile if you need extra seating in another part of the house). Can't leave out the bit of flare, yo. I'm loving these elegant faux horns for the finish.

from Gaby // Isn't everything Elva Fields creates beautiful? This necklace has all the good stuff going on: white, gold and a hint of emerald, what else could you ask for? I think it would perfectly dress up this soft chambray shirt that I've paired with this sexy gold foil skirt, don't you think? I love how these feminine bow pumps bring some femininity to this look, which I've finished with classic accessories like this pouchette bag, these cat-eye sunglasses (which are sold out, but here's a similar pair), and of course, some gold details with this cuff and these studs. What do you think? Are you into pairing high and low pieces together? I personally love the contrast ;)

The House // Powder Room Part Deux

February 27, 2013

So many of you emailed and commented about the powder room that I thought I would give you more of a peek. Like everything else in my life, this room is never finished (although it's one of the farthest along).


Color // Play with Your Food

February 26, 2013

For those of you that need an afternoon pick-me-up, I couldn't help but repost the fun when I came across dschwen's Pantone food pairings. What a clever idea! This reminds me fondly of a bridal shower some of our dear friends threw when Eric and I were getting hitched. Each guest was prompted to say what we "go together like" on their very beautifully designed invite. All of the cards were read aloud, which made for some fun and also raised a few red flags for our chips and salsa obsession. Guess we aren't very good about hiding our dinner choice of champions (still going strong, too! we ate it last night). ha!

dschwen's instagram via designlovefest (Bri always find the coolest stuff, doesn't she?!)

Care to share your favorite food combo?

Design Inspiration

I've kinda gotten away from featuring design, type and packaging lately, haven't I? Well, with a personal branding project underway (!!!!!), I've had my eye on design all over again. Just a few bits that are inspiring me lately.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Clean and simple with a little vintage flair gets it done every time.

Monday Blues // 24

February 25, 2013

Happy Monday, party people! We're coming off of a brutal winter storm, the second phase of which is fast approaching later today. Mother Nature and I are going to fight. Enter transition . . .

Today, we should talk about John Legend. Did you guys know that I'm pretty much obsessed with his music? Coincidentally, Eric and I listened to one of his albums on repeat in the early stages of our relationship and even had our fist dance to one of his many spectacular songs (it was I Will Stay With You, if you're curious).

Turns out, Mr. Legend has bragging rights on his gorgeous Hollywood Hills abode as well. Just as smooth, laid back and uncomplicated as his sound (and looking mighty fine in anticipation of spring, I might add!).

Inspired By 02.22.13

February 22, 2013

Jeez, I have been waiting for this day for what feels like 1,000 years. Can I tell you guys something that has me inspired, beyond excited and just a little bit scurred all at the same time????

Sharon Montrose little darling prints (i die!)

We're having a baby!!!!

It sort of doesn't feel real yet, mostly because I'm not reaaaaally showing and we've been pretty quiet about it until now. At the rate I'm consuming anything and everything in my path, it shouldn't be long until there is physical evidence of the little nugget. I battled some nausea in the first several weeks and have been getting some fierce headaches as of late, but I'm otherwise feeling pretty great. Just really excited to welcome this little one into the world come mid August.

So you guys know what that means, right? Time to decorate for a mini me (or mini Eric -- we don't plan on finding out what we're having)!!! Those Sharon Montrose prints above? You bet a few of those will find their way into the nursery. Entirely possible I've already picked out exactly which ones . . .

Just too cute to pass up.
Happy Friday, baby! ox

Annawithlove Giveaway Winner

February 21, 2013

Virginia, please contact me (tobe@becauseitsawesomeblog.com) to arrange for your winnings!

As for the rest of you hopefuls, thanks so much for your interest. Sweet Anna has very generously offered 25% off for BIA readers with code BECAUSEITSAWESOME through March 6th.

ADDITIONALLY, she is offering everyone who signs up for the Annawithlove mailing list one free print with purchase. Score!

House Guest // Mimosa Lane

I've never actually met her, but I feel like it's pretty safe to say that today's House Guest, Albertina, is one of the sweetest girls you'd ever meet. And I'm not just saying that because she said the nicest things about BIA in her intro below. She also has super great taste and can decorate a guest room like a boss (yes, I'm using Kid President's lines like nobody's business). And, clearly, she knows a thing or two about color. Without further ado . . .
. . . . . . .

Morning!  I'm Albertina from Mimosa Lane.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be Tobe's House guest of the week.  I'm truly honored as I am and have been a huge fan of Because It's Awesome for quite some time.  My home is surrounded by color, from pink fuchsia curtains to purple walls.  But for color to look its best there has to be some rhyme and reason to the color combinations for them to look right and beautiful.  This is why I want to talk to you all about coming up with winning color combinations.  I'm no interior designer but do know my way around a color wheel and can tell you it is very helpful.  By using different color schemes you can come up with that perfect palette you have been dreaming of.  It just boils down to the relationships between colors.  Here we go!

These are just some color schemes.....there are quite a few more.  To some people it might seem random that a designer adds a throw of a certain color, but most of the time its all perfectly planned.  What are your favorite color combinations?  Do you have a go-to color formula?

[ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ]

Thanks, Albertina!

* Come back later today for the Annawithlove giveaway winner! *

Want In Every Color // 04

February 20, 2013

Pretty sure I'd be okay with a stack of these on my desk at all times.

Art // Leif Shop

February 19, 2013

Came across Leif Shop's new art section recently.
It's a really beautiful collection overall, but I am especially taken with these Britt Bass pieces!

Monday Blues // 23

February 18, 2013

I post a lot of blue dining rooms. Truth be told, I gravitate towards blue for just about everything. It's my color, I suppose. Remember those built-ins in the formal? I've been thinking about painting those out, and guess what color pops into my head again and again? And I can't wait for it to warm up so we can paint the door to the garage a bright . . . blue.

Except not. I'm trying really hard to get away from this, as I know that we can't live in an entirely blue house, but it's just such a great color!

At least Monday Blues lets me live in all of the blue spaces I want. ha!

Does anyone else have a go-to color that won't quit? You know I won't judge.

Inspired By 02.15.13

February 15, 2013

If you haven't entered the Annawithlove Photography giveaway, you betta get to it! Your odds are still pretty good.

Meg launched the February edition of her new Manifesto line, Lovers. Me likey. Get em while they're still available!

Erika posted yet another space that has me drooling. Minimalistic Chic and beyond gorge.

Maybe I'm way behind, but I just discovered the super gorgeous blog, Grey and Scout. Dear God, does that girl have good taste. She's a worthwhile Insta follow as well.

While we're talking Insta, Mr. Jonathan Lo has an incredible eye for making everyday things photo worthy. Graphic, colorful and beautifully composed pretty much every time. (I'm taking notes, good sir.)

Ummm...Blair. Can we sell these, please? Amazing!!

Enjoy your weekend!
We have some fun things to talk about next week, playas. ox

UPDATE: Obsessed with this. I had to add it to today's post. Air comin through my nose and tears streaming down my cheeks. This child is an angel on Earth, ya'll.

Etsy Crush + A Giveaway!

February 14, 2013

* This giveaway has ended *

Happy Heart Day!

It's been said before, but I say this day doesn't have to be about romance. I've had many a Valentine's Day that was about the girls, and even a few that were just all about moi. In fact, the first VDay that Eric and I were dating, I opted to hang with my ladies instead! It was so early in the relationship, I didn't want to be disappointed and I knew a night with the girls would never disappoint. Luckily, he was around long enough that we've been able to share a few since :)

So whether this day is about a significant other, celebrating friendship, the kids, or even a night of spoiling yourself (ummm....bottle of red and a bubble bath much??), I hope you're feeling loved.

And to show you how much I love you, my dearest readers, I've teamed up with the very brilliant Anna of Annawithlove Photography for a giveaway! Anna has generously offered one BIA reader their choice of any of the gorgeous photos in her Etsy shop, and at any of her standard sizes (8x8, 8x12 or 8x10). Let's just take a gander, shall we?

Yeah, dudes. I know.
And everyone is eligible.

So what you need to do is hop over, choose your fave (remember set pairs are fair game), and then leave a comment telling me as such. Then, a week from today, we name a winner and BAM! your walls get to lookin gooo-od.

p.s. You can always keep up with Anna's new crop on her Facebook page. That's how I do.

the fine print: Winners will be chosen via random.org, and will be announced within 24 hours of being chosen. After  announced, winner is responsible for claiming prize within 7 days, at which time they will forfeit their prize. Limit one entry per person. No purchase or payment necessary. Void where prohibited. Giveaway sponsored by Annawithlove Photography.

The House // Snippets

February 13, 2013

Sometimes it's nice to go through the old photo roll and realize that we are, in fact, making progress around here when it can feel so slow-going. Which I'm fine with since it means I'm finding unique pieces that I really love. But, damn, at some point you just want to be proud enough to show pics of your house, you know?

Just a few snippets . . .

The formal is feeling like an actual room. Those shelves were a total disaster zone until recently.
Need to figure out what to do with the other side of the room, but it's getting there.

The (adjacent) eat-in actually has art on a wall! Unheard of.
This piece is an original from Jamaica in the 1960s. The color and graphic elements sold me on it.
Once it gets warm enough, we'll paint the door to the garage (in that alcove to the left) for a pop of color.
Still debating said color. Could just go black. Who. Knows.
I'm also intent on painting the sliding glass door to the backyard black, but Eric is fighting me on it.
Guess it will be a lot of work. (Which means it will totally get done in a timely manner...)

The dining room and trim are painted out in a glorious moody blue (semi gloss Ralph Lauren Rue Royale).
Unfortunately, we still have to paint that window (*groans*) and choose some drapes.
Choosing fabric and upholstery kills me. KILLS ME. So hard to commit.
Now that ma sexy new chairs are in (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I really think we need a new table.
And obvi an amazing chandy. We've discussed this already, haven't we?

sidenote: YOU GUYS, these chairs not only look amazing (how did I score brass? I'd never even seen them with brass frames until last week!), but they are comfortable. as. hell.
I am going to loooooooove hosting peeps and sitting here for hours on end!
Bonus: the upholstery doesn't make me want to vom.
(You're seeing packing marks on the seatbacks in this pic. Those are gone now.)

To rug? No rug? I dunno.

A few of you wanted to see the bathroom after I posted shots on Vine.
This room is TOUGH to photograph, but here's a lil bit to show layout.
 All of the walls have art in gilded frames except one (I'm sort of afraid of clumsy drunk men knocking them off the wall in front of the toilet. Is that weird?)

Guess if you didn't know before this post, you know how much I love brass now. ha!

Our family room has been painted, but we have a long way to go.
We've been trying to hold out for a sectional, but thems be spensive. Not sure it's gonna happen.
In the meantime, we have gray walls, a sage green couch, blue parsons chairs, a dark leather chair, dark wood, a giant BAR that we're housing for my brother and a red/orange/pink/navy persian rug going on. Can you say hot mess?

The entry still needs love as well, but I'm debating wallpaper there.
Sadly, I have very expensive taste in wallpaper. Shocking.

Fun in store for you guys tomorrow so be sure to check in! ox

Wear/Where // Valentine's Day Edition

February 12, 2013

Thought this series was dust, didn't you? Nope, we're bringing it back in full force . . . and with lots of love this week!

from Gaby // Whether your plan is having a romantic dinner with your guy or a fun evening with your besties, Valentine's day is a special occasion, and as such, you got to dress for it! Naturally, this day calls for the obvious red, so why don't you make a statement with these radiant trousers, and this creamy red lipstick that promises to stay on for hours? I like how these graceful bow sandals (aren't they stunning?!) soften up this geometric sequin-embellished tank, don't you? And of course, we can't leave some jewelry behind, and what better occasion to wear those gold stacked love rings and this golden bouquet ring? (you got the love, you got the flowers kind of thing?) And because to me, nothing speaks more sexy than the one and only Tom Ford, you really can't go wrong with his sensuous black orchid fragrance ;) To finish the look, this Glitter clutch is the perfect show stopper! 

Okay, so you've got the card, you're wearing your finest, lipstick's on. Now let's get that table set! Start with a graphic punch (these placemats will definitely get the job done) and layer and bold hit of black and white. To keep things monochrome but still dramatic, serve your champers or vino in gorgeous black opaque stemware (holla!) and get that special occasion gold flatware out. Classic water glasses with gold rims round out the look without scrimping on style. Every romantic meal (heck, every meal) is best with candlelight, so plan to have a few of these on the table for a hit of color. Dress up that card delivery with a heart clip that truly sparkles (and, bonus, you can repurpose that bad boy later).

What do you think? Do you guys usually make plans for Valentine's Day? Do tell!

Monday Blues // 22

February 11, 2013

It's been two weeks. Cue obnoxiously gorgeous blue dining room.
Do you not want to lick those walls and ceiling??

Happy Friday + Chairs

February 8, 2013

Hallelujah! We are in possession of two of these bad boys. Dear Greyhound, please treat me right and deliver their 4 friends today. So I don't completely lose my mind with anxiety. (My sweet husband would tell you it's too late. I was absolutely crazed this morning getting to the bus station.)

I know they're begging to be reupholstered. Be gentle with your fabric judgments. They can hear you.

*Scored these via Scowters. Have you heard of Scowters yet?? The bestest.

Happy Friday!!

House Guest // For the Love of Design

February 7, 2013

Today's House Guest is a Kansas City graphic designer with mad skills, Rachael from For The Love of Design. I came across Rachael's blog last year and have been hooked ever since (her Pin Palette posts are stellar for color inspiration). We have yet to get together, but I can tell we'll have a real good time when we finally do! I am loving Rachael's tips for adding graphic elements to your space, and am happily applying a few of them to my own home.

. . . . . . .

 Hello BIA readers! I'm Rachael from For The Love of Design. I'm super excited Tobe asked me to be a part of her house guest series this week. Ironically enough, I'm on the hunt for a new place, so to say home design has been on my mind would be an understatement.

As a graphic designer, I'm constantly finding inspiration in interesting patterns, shapes and textures, so I thought it would be fun to bring a little graphic inspiration to the interior today. A lot of people think bringing graphic elements into a space can be too bold or scary. I'm here to give you a few ways to use them subtly will work in any space you chose.

Photography // Rhi Ellis

February 6, 2013

I need a free pass today, guys.
Back with a special House Guest tomorrow!

Fashionista // Enchanted Spring

February 5, 2013

As if I wasn't already craving spring something fierce . . .

Bambi Northwood-Blyth in Stonefox Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday Blues // 21

February 4, 2013

Well, it's Monday again. Not sure how I feel about that. I really could have used one more day in my weekend. But since we're here, might as well admire this space designed by Laura of Gracefully Searching, hmmm? I can barely handle the pale turquoise of that rattan etagere! I've been thinking about it ever since.

I'd been feeling gray for G's dresser, but am now considering going with something like this against her dark purple walls instead. How gorge would that be? More lovely shots of this space here.

Inspired By 02.01.13

February 1, 2013

How good is this reminder, you guys? Truth time: I've thought about quitting blogging 1,000 times. More probably. There are days I've wondered what I'm doing this for (other than to connect with amazing like-minded people like you) and convinced myself to throw in the towel. If you blog as well, you know that this "hobby" takes a lot of time. It's a part time job. You give up a lot to do it. And in the beginning it's pure joy. You're sharing your passions, giving yourself an outlet, building an audience, making new friends (real life ones even!), learning about yourself and honing your aesthetic. Awesome people that you have long admired start recognize you. What the heck could be more fun?? But then all of a sudden "the chase" sets in. You need to build a brand, improve your numbers, make career-building connections, get sponsor deals, make MONEY, and do it all while maintaining that carefree passion that you started with.

Shit can fry your brain. Make you crazy. Make you a little bit ugly even. And, eventually, sort of make you want to quit.

But I have to say, blogging is something that I truly love. It's part of who I am. No, I'm not 100% (or even 50%) professional about it, I don't have my shit together and I don't promote promote promote. Maybe I should? I don't know. Honestly, that aspect of blogging still feels really icky to me and and I'm so glad I've waited until just the right brand alignment opportunities have come along. In my mind, NOTHING is more important than integrity when it comes to blogging. I make a bit of money with affiliate links and the like, but I honest to goodness do it featuring things that I sincerely think are awesome.

Whew. Tangent. All of this to say that things are starting to happen around here. Four years later, I've begun to gain some clarity about who I am, what I want out of this space (out of life!) and I'm so so grateful that I didn't throw in the towel. So if you've thought about quitting something important to you that really brings you joy, I encourage you to think hard about your decision. Often, the moment we quit is right before things are about to get really really good! And, on the flip side, if you're doing something that is hijacking your joy, give yourself permission to leave it behind. Life is honestly too short.

Happy weekend, friends! ox

* I wrote this post last Sunday, but came across these inspiring words from Megan Gilger yesterday on a very similar topic. Worth the read!
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