fashion || wild horses

August 31, 2011

you know what i realized when i put together that outfit post for erika last week? it was actually kind of fun! while i don't consider myself particularly fashionable (i tend to think that my strengths are in graphics and decor), i think most of us can put together a great outfit these days. mostly because there don't seem to be any rules anymore! woo hoo!

enter my wild horses homage.....a perfectly playful transition to fall, if you ask me.

dress  ||  earrings  ||  wrap bracelet  ||  clutch  ||  watch  ||  booties

type tuesday || blocked

August 30, 2011

apologies for the late post today, kids. i had some photos lined up for my personal type tuesday journey, but this trumped them big time. kind of obsessed with this woodblock table.

total. typenerd.

images via mike smith

interiors || rocking some spanish elle decor

August 29, 2011

i've seen this shot several times

but until this weekend, i hadn't seen the rest of this gorgeous spanish abode
please prepare your eyes for said gorgeousness

am i right or am i right?

the i am project :: an open heart

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The I Am Project :: Our wish is to affirm and inspire the beauty in every woman, to celebrate the uniqueness in each of us, as well as the commonalities that unite us as women. We want to create a space to confront the dark places that come with growth; to witness women being valued for more than their bodies, clothes, or societal projections; to feel inspired by stories and images; and to become more deeply rooted in who we are as women. We want to become a net of resources that will nurture and fortify each other's confidence, and fill women with awareness of the extraordinary beauty that each of us uniquely brings to the world.

Questions, thoughts or feedback about The I Am Series? Send them to We would love to hear from you!

We welcome you to repost and/or share these images if you wish! We also respectfully request that you credit and, preferably, link back to Because It's Awesome as you do so. It's easy to do, and it's good blogger practice. Many thanks!

tickled pink

August 26, 2011

 image via flickr

have i mentioned how awesome you guys are? really. cheers to each and every one of you. i won't pour one out for you because i don't believe in wasting good social beverages, but i will drink one in your honor. actually, i'll drink two, i like you so much!

sometimes i think i post things subconsciously knowing that this amazing blog community will get me through it. thank you for your uplifting words yesterday; they really mean so much! promise i'm not actually suicidal. just occasionally overdramatic (my real life friends are amening right now, aren't you?).

plus, now i have someone to wow when we DO find that place. because i'm pretty sure my husband isn't going to be jumping up and down with me. mostly because he'll be busy thanking God that the search is finally over  :)

here's to a beautiful weekend and beautiful friends. east coasters, please stay safe!

house hunting || kill me now

August 25, 2011

i am massively uninspired today.

frankly, looking at amazing spaces lately just makes me want to kill myself.

why do none of them exist in my city?
(in our price range, in the right parts of town, with our qualifications)

i really don't feel like we're asking for that much.
what were builders and architects smoking in the 70s and 80s?

nothing that made them better at their jobs, let me tell you.

but it's out there. i know it.

meanwhile, dreaming of finding a place with giant black windows seems
as likely as dreaming of finding the right place.

help. me.

perfect package || valverde 1859

August 24, 2011

thank you guys for your sweet support of my entry yesterday! it's always a bit scary to put my own home out there when i post so many that blow it away. believe you me, the next one will be something to brag about! if i could just find it already . . .

i'm celebrating you virtually with one of the most beautiful bottles of wine ever designed.

bottle design by julian yeo || spotted via the dieline


paper play || furze chan

these gold-laden envelopes by furze chan took my breath away when i first laid eyes on them!

spotted via mint design blog

type tuesday || love, jenna

August 23, 2011

i have long been a fan of jenna hein's gorgeous calligraphy. her look is fancifully casual, making it look soooo easy to be sooo amazing at her craft. after a peek at these wedding embellishments with her gorgeous handwork on every last detail, i think you'll be a fan as well . . .

images via love, jenna || photography by trent bailey

Type Tuesday || street girls

  images by moi

 this, my friends, is a snippet of my entryway. just about everything in my front hall is sentimental, and these three pieces of art are no exception. the map is of tokyo, japan, which i was lucky enough to visit about five years ago. the street girls sign was a housewarming gift from a good friend when i bought my loft. we shared an apartment at one time, and she knew how much i loved it, so she very generously donated it to me. the hammerpress poster (bottom) was a gift from several of my girlfriends when i got married, and i cherish it dearly.

* nope, i did not style this space for you. you get it like it really looks. lo siento.

guest posting || small shop

August 22, 2011

good morning, party people! i slept half of the weekend, just like i said i would, and i'm feeling fully rested and back in action. however, i am without an I Am post. a girl can only do so much. promise those will be back next week.

in the meantime, i have a very fashionable guest post for you this morning. when erika of small shop asked me to stand in for her during her relaxing birthday week off, i was flattered beyond belief. i think so much of erika's style, taste and talent. combine that with shopbop's formal collection falling into my inbox, and you have one inspired blogger (that's me). i would love for you to hop over and see what i picked out for her to try on for her upcoming celebration-worthy days!

if you need some extra prompting (shame on you!), i couldn't help but put an extra look together featuring the most amazing convertible dresses you ever did see. i know i've come across these babies before, but their versatility is really speaking to me now. has anyone tried these two birds dresses? verdict? because i'm considering one in every color . . .

a party for me, myself and i

August 19, 2011

this is where i'll be this weekend if anyone needs me.

except no one is actually allowed to interrupt the slumber that is about to ensue.
this girl is tired, and i cut people for lesser offenses.

artist || katie bell

August 18, 2011

it's all about the layers . . . can't wait to check out the work of artist katie bell next month!

katie's work will be featured at plug project, a brand-spankin-new gallery space in kansas city's west bottoms.

pretty pattern || days of summer

August 17, 2011

love these painterly patterns . . . so reminiscent of summer!

travel || peggy wong

August 16, 2011

have you seen the stunning images from peggy wong's recent trip to europe? if not, i highly recommend a peek. spain, portugal, morocco, france and denmark . . . all beautifully documented on her blog.

here's just a taste:

all photos via bluepoolroad

le sigh.
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