girls dinner // summer tapas party

June 26, 2012

about time for a second installment, don't you think?

just like last time, we're keeping things casual with a smorgasboard of deeeelicious tapas and red sangria (one of my personal faves) on the porch, all of which were deceivingly simple.

 first order of business? getting that patio table set. we went with a graphic fabric swatch (one of the girls has this on hand for an upcoming sewing project), but a tablecloth, blanket or quilt will do just as well. if you're forced to go solid, use napkins, dinnerware and accessories to add pattern and texture. there really aren't any rules! one or two standout items (umm...hello! that gorgeous turquoise vase bursting with peonies) can really make the table come to life.

then it was time to get our grub on. in the true spirit of spanish tapas, we divvied up food responsibilities, each with two apps to share. i opted for roasted red pepper hummus with pitas and delectable little herbed goat cheese, strawberry basil sandwiches. there was also beet salad, pimentos, spicy lime shrimp, artichoke crisps, and edamole (that's edamame guacamole).

we stuffed ourselves silly, to say the least.

stringing up some lights added serious ambiance, and allowed us to keep the party going a liiiiiiiittle later than anyone intended....but such it is when ladies find time to get together, right??

laura conjured up some festive belly bands for our glasses o' fruity delight (diy details here).

the girls over at ampersand are detailing how you can get the look yourself.

and for your drinking pleasure, a recipe card for that delicious red sangria from yours truly.

 available for download here.

mandatory group shot:

all photos courtesy of the very talented eric linebarger


also, if you're like me and are sometimes challenged by the task of creating the perfect dinner mix, this one sure delights the earlobes.

hope this inspires you to call your girlfriends for a little dinner fun of your own! ox

interiors // nick olsen, superstar

June 24, 2012

you guys. if you haven't seen nick olsen's spread in the latest issue of veranda, you need to run to your nearest newsstand.
do not pass go. do not collect $200.

i spooned my copy last night.

a peek at what i'm talking about:

interiors by nick olsen as seen in veranda magazine // photography by melanie acevedo

also, nick, get on it with a portfolio site, will you? i need an easier way to stalk your work.

guest post // my kansas city

June 21, 2012

super honored to be hanging out with megan of mimi+meg today as part of her faboosh my city column.

contributing column // where, wear

June 14, 2012

we're at it again . . . this time, inspired by the gentlemen in our lives.

contributing column // wear/where

June 5, 2012

erin's on vaca, so you guys have the supreme benefit of seeing us over at apartment 34 again today with some beach inspired goodness!

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