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October 31, 2011

happy monday, party people! hope you all had fabulous weekends. did you have exciting halloween plans? mine didn't include any halloween action, but it was pretty non-stop. i hope to be recapping several aspects of it this week. for now, yes, i am's are back! apologies for the gap. i feel like this week merits a bit of an explanation about the statement (which we actually intend to start doing more often).

it is safe to say that i have spent the majority of my life a stage 5 people pleaser. true with friendships, elders (of course), colleagues, and men i've been involved with. so much so that, in many instances, i've compromised my own wishes and opinions in order to remain as likeable as possible. it's taken years and years to overcome this deep desire to be liked. i wish i knew exactly where it came from. is that a trait you're born with or is it learned? at this point in my life - while i will always remain respectful, open-minded and professional - i'm constantly reminding myself that it's okay to take responsibility for what i need and what i want from my relationships. it's incredibly freeing to stand in your own convictions. i worry less about others' perceptions of me and more about living the way i want, knowing full and well that what i do and say will probably turn some people off. while it has never and probably will never be my intention to offend others, i'm more comfortable knowing that if it happens, it's a matter of clashing perspectives or personalities more so than something being wrong with who i am or what i want.

now i could do several posts on past relationships with men (errrr...boys, rather) as it relates to this topic, but we'll save that for another time. for now, i'll just say that it's okay to expect that you're never going to please everyone. so i say focus on the one that matters most. (that's you, btdubs.)

now, i obviously don't mean for this to be taken literally. if you're a generally likeable person, more power to you! just don't be willing to compromise yourself too much for others' sake.

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holiday || happy halloween weekend

October 28, 2011

hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend in store! i am thrilled to be attending the kate spade opening par-tay tonight, and am headed to central(ish) kansas tomorrow for my first kansas state football game in years. quite thrilled.

so i won't be dressing up. but if you are, you have to show us on monday!

styling by paul lowe, photography by linda pugliese

lifestyle || a little luxe

October 27, 2011

for the past few weeks, i've been attempting to simplify the chaos and clutter in my life. i think we all know this doesn't come easily. the paperwork to address and file away piles up . . . exciting projects roll in . . . oh and when was the last time i scrubbed the floors? sometimes it's more fun just to look at pretty pictures and ignore what's in front of me.

only for a little while, of course. duty calls.

images via my newest favorite tumblr, jaclyn paige

perfect package || scrub-a-dub

October 26, 2011

seriously dig this ayelet naturals face scrub packaging by oh boutique.

spotted via lovely package

type tuesday || vintage music inspired invitations

October 25, 2011

erin jang honestly never fails to blow me away. check out these amazing music poster inspired invites she designed for an obviously cool couple . . .

type tuesday || ruby star

while we're talking type treatment and color, had to mention blake c. tannery's promo design for surface designer melody miller of ruby star.

type tuesday || studio worldwide

completely crushing on this standout self-promo material for studio worldwide. beautiful color and type treatment!

lifestyle || fast into fall

October 24, 2011

many apologies for the couple of quiet weeks here on BIA. i wish i had a fabulous story for you to explain my unannounced absence. alas, i just needed some time for creative renewal and to wrap up loose ends on some long-term projects. we all need a little bit of down time every once in awhile, no?

with a bit of extra time away from the computer, i was able to experience last week's dip in temperatures here in kansas city. it finally feels like fall around here!

miguel flores-vianna via 1stdibs || images 2,8 via i love saturdays || images 3,6 via fashion gone rogue || images 4,5 via jaclyn paige on tumblr

type tuesday || hello!

October 18, 2011

just stopping in for a quick

lettering by drew melton

and to say that i'm still here. or, rather, that i'm still alive and i'll be back to blogging soon.
just not yet.


friday fancies

October 7, 2011

hubs and i are attending a wedding for a very lovely couple this weekend. sure to be an amazing time!

image via style me pretty, photograph by kristin vining

hope you're in for some fancy this weekend!

if you haven't already, better sneak over here, here, here and here to enter the last day of the I Am print giveaway!

interiors || can i get a witness

October 6, 2011

so, because i know you're pretty much desperate for an update, no, we're still not owners of a new home.
but we did bid on one a couple of weeks ago that i feel kind of good about.

potential future office  ||  via la maison boheme

i mean, the seller considered our offer laughable. she came down a mere $500 from her listing price.

potential future living room  ||  meg ryan's home via elle decor

to which we countered, and i wrote a very respectful "you're absolutely nutsoid if you think we're going to pay you that much for your house. we're smarter than that."

potential future kitchen  ||  via arianna belle

to which she replied "sure, i'll come down a few Gs for you."
unfortunately, still not enough for us.

potential entertaining porch  ||  via kotori

now, before you decide that we're off our rockers and that our expectations are too high, i will say that we carefully considered the comps (that's "comparables" for those of you lucky enough to not be going through this process right now) before evaluating the value of this home. it hasn't been updated in all of its 28 years of existence (read: total. 80s.) and homes in that kind of . . . distress . . . are going for a certain price. the price we asked. most of them in this particular hood go for even less.

potential future master bedroom  ||  via melanie avecedo

even though we didn't get it the first time around, she's pretty fresh on the market, so she'll see the light soon enough.

potential future master bath  ||  via the style encyclopaedia

then we'll get it, and i swear by all that is holy, i will be interviewing photogs to immortalize our home.
and i'll be worried about things like "well, would i rather be in house beautiful or lonny?"

okay, maybe not, but it's that good. and a girl can dream.
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