April 20, 2011

truly drooling over this work by mixed media artist tegan brozyna. an examination and valuation of physical, cultural, personal, and typographical landscape, her work is comprised of oil bar, thread and gel medium on paper maps. i would so love to see these works in person!

images of works by tegan brozyna found via kristina today

statement from the artist:

"My art stems from a curiosity with the world around me as well as a desire to understand it "in the round." As opposed to a scientific pursuit, my investigation is focused on relationships. This study is macro as well as micro, and I am particularly interested in how smaller pieces relate to and function together in order to create a larger whole. There is much beauty, tension and contradiction to be discovered and exposed.

Drawing from both my painting and textile background, my current work focuses on the relationship of space or place. I am inspired by the way humans dissect, reconfigure and relate to our world as well as how the natural world interacts with and affects humanity.

Maps play an important role in the visual language I use to link landscapes to humanscapes. Maps break down the three-dimensional world into more simplified and defined components on a two-dimensional plane for social, political and navigational purposes. With my paintings I seek to explore and re-contextualize these maps by creating new spaces and forms."


Kate Lewis said...

i love the color and texture of her pieces. it's so great to learn about a new artist. thanks!

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