stylish at five

April 1, 2011

years old, that is.

last night, my niece and i hung out for a few hours. i owed her a shopping trip for a new bathing suit, so we hit up tarjay (less charmingly, target) and found several a-dorable options that fit the bill. upon being asked which one she wanted, she replied in that sweet little voice with one hand on her hip, the other running through her hair, "uuuuuuummmm, i just really don't think i can decide. i mean, i love the skirt on this one, but the colors on this one. maybe you could decide for me?" so i do. and she says that, actually, she wanted the other one.


after we picked out a bathing suit, we headed over to cosmetics for some new nail polish. you know, in honor of girls night. these are the colors she picked:

and then proceeded to use every single one on her teeny tiny fingers and toes. it was nothing short of awesome. man, i love that kid.

happy friday!

* colors above || essie mezmerised, opi feelin hot-hot-hot, essie chinchilly, opi funky dunky


lark + linen said...

sounds like my kind of date! too cute.

cryskay said...

i've never seen a blue like that before. its gorgeous!! xx

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