April 21, 2011

pretending it's me. only it's actually cameron.

ring  ||  scotch naturals coral polish  ||  rebecca minkoff straw tote (apparently no longer available)
image of cameron diaz via pinterest via design darling


Bess said...

Anne Payne (Hallmarker) was recently proposed to with that ring. It is so gorgeous and delicate in person. Love it.

lark + linen said...

also pretending that is me. shall we go to a fancy luncheon with our new ensemble?

Anonymous said...

love that coral polish!

Tobe | BIA said...

that ring is gorgeous! anne will be rocking that thing proudly!

yes, jacquelyn. lunch! there should be champagne involved.

agreed, sarah. just the perfect little pop of color.

Suad said...

oh my she is too pretty.. and the nail polish! perfect color! :)

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