pool shark

April 14, 2011

want to know something random? i waitressed at a pool hall for a couple of years in college, and can run a table with the best of them. well, i could at one time. my skills have gone a bit downhill, but i still have some friends that love to play when we get together, and i've been known to embarrass a guy or two that underestimates the skillz.

love being a lady!

*image of khloe and lamar's pad via the coveteur. have a look! her shoe collection puts most of us to shame.


Mrs. Gumshoe said...

You work them skeelz, gurl...in them heelz!

Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

That's right grrrl! You're awesome! Did you see all of those loubies? Wow!

Unknown said...

HI! Obsessed with the coveteur blog as well! LOVE your blog! You had me at the fun header!:)

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