April 8, 2011

this has been a delightful week of treats! i received all of these babies in the mail, sans the kate spade drop earrings, which were deemed a necessary purchase after the pink kate spade gumdrops arrived.

i haaaad to, right?

i also finally got to rock my payless heels today (yep, you read that right)
and literally stopped people in the hall. booya!

now i'm off to dinn with the hubs and some friends, patio-style.
cheers to a beautiful friday!


Lauren said...

This post makes me happy for two reasons - I just ordered those KS earrings today! Yay friends and family discount!

AND I worked in merchandising at Payless HQ for two years before starting law school so my loyalty to Payless is obvious. Glad you're enjoying the designer styles!

annawithlove said...

fabulous and gorgeous!

Tobe | BIA said...

i want a f&f discount!! :)

Piril Maria said...

Great blog!

♥ Love,

Studio 13 said...

um... love the payless shoes! i haven't been inside a payless in years, looks like i've been missing out!

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