the ones that got away, part 2

February 27, 2012

i finally feel like i'm in a place to stop looking so much and start buying. furniture, that is. i have quite a talent for buying any and all unnecessary accessories that i come in contact with. what i need to be doing is saving for the wallet gaugers like rugs and furniture.

unfortunately, when i went back for some of these, they'd already been snatched up. c'est la vie.

**  warning: camera phone images  **

wants to be painted and be souped up with some new hardware.
wish we needed it because it was a good deal. would be cool to see it transform.

practically RAN over to this when i saw it, but was disappointed in the quality.

loved this painting (jenny could do this for you).
the vignette was kinda cute, i thought.

delicious french chairs.
can we please talk about the frog planter?

still thinking about this for G's room. i want a desk as one of her side tables. the gold leaf detail stole me heart.
would look good with a victoria ghost chair, wouldn't it?

cool bed. great price.
i don't think G likes the idea of a poster bed, though.

$40! i need to open an etsy shop.

surprisingly awesome in person. super deep and comfy.


aren't these popular? you could campaign that up in no time.

would you believe these are still there?!?!!
does that mean they want to come home with me?

already in a great fabric. score!
no pillow, please.

i measured this twice, i wanted it to work so badly. alas, it's too big for where i need it to go.

would make for a fun and pretty easy DIY. super cheap.

I DIE FOR THIS!!!! very KW, no?
i want it reeeeeeeally bad, but the only place i can think for it to go is the family room.
and mama doesn't need any more full upholstered anything in there.
i almost want to get it just to see eric's face. haha!

love these for our master bedside tables.

hellooooooo, lover.

this got my attention the first time, but i wasn't as impressed when i went back.
bistro tabletop turned wall art.

i can't seem to get into foo dogs, but couldn't overlook this display.

and because every household has one:

all images // tobe reed for because it's awesome

if you missed the first edition of things that got away, here you go.

also, you can find me over at buckets and bunches today, filling in for an almost-married Chelsea. i'm talking about one of my design home bases, modern earthy glam.

happy monday, peeps!


jacquelyn | lark&linen said...

gah! where do you shop? So. Many. Things!!

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

You have some great inspiration here! I am loving those gold deers and that French style couch! I know it can be overwhelming to shell out the big bucks for big pieces of furniture, but wait for the perfect thing and you won't be disappointed. :) Good luck my dear!

Jessica said...

Amazing finds! Ok, those brass gazelles- I had one and sold it in my etsy shop, then immediately regretted it. You should definitely go snag that pair if they're a fair price. I also had a pair of quartz horse head bookends like the one I can see in the lower left corner of that same pic. Also regretted selling those. This is why I could never own a vintage shop. I just want to keep everything.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

I need to shop with you! My vintage sources never turn up this much potential at once....

Michelle said...

Loving that desk and the bamboo dresser! I reallly need to go shopping soon!!

Anonymous said...

where in KC do you shop?? I need to go wherever you are going, a lot of these are great finds :)

Maggie Rose said...

I vote YES on the desk! It's lovely. And I'd go back and take a peek at the klismos chair that is mostly out of the shot in your picture of the faux bamboo dresser. Also, I sold a pair of antelope/gazelle bookends EXACTLY like the $40 pair in my (now closed) etsy shop and I regret it immensely. Should have kept them!

Unknown said...

Wow, I can't believe all the great pieces! The dressers and desk are definitely worth refurbishing, and of course, yes on the Ghost chair!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

So many awesome finds!!!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

that's a lot of goodness. So did you walk away with anything? What about that bar cart you showed me? Please tell me you got that.

Sarah Roads said...

omg, your killing me! i can't believe those Ibex pairs. Open an Etsy store please, I NEED them!

j said...

That shop looks like so much fun. That waterfall console cracks me up, are those padded drawers underneath?

Nichole Loiacono said...

Dear laaaawd! We have GOT to go to this place. Hook me up!

Jackie said...

I LOVE this post! So fun, I feel like I'm there thrifting with you :). Love a lot of these items-especially that fancy mirror. So gorgeous!

Unknown said...

OOoh! I love that bamboo chest and the one with the inset pulls. I need to go shopping with you!

Sarah Roads said...

So guess who found their very own set of brass ibex bookends last weekend! $12 no less! but I still need the other tall ones...they want to come live at my house with all their friends. xo

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