type tuesday // in vino veritas

February 28, 2012

sometimes, all i want to do is go back to being a student so i can blue sky and create awesome packaging like this all day.

student olga gaze did a phenomenal job on this wine offering.
would you not pick that up on the double??

and by that i mean, doesn't everyone buy at least two bottles at a time? :)

images via olga gaze, spotted via the dieline


Jalon Burton said...

Gorgeous - makes you not want to open to drink! (well, not really!!!) Thanks for the great images - perfect. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Packaging really does make a difference! I always gravitate toward the beautiful labels and even expect it to taste better!

elissa said...

yep two bottles at a time always happens. it's an unwritten rule!

17 Perth said...

Those labels are amazing----really great job. It would definitely have me grabbing for two bottles. :)

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