Terrarium Crush

October 13, 2014

I came across the most amazing succulent terrarium recently and have been obsessed with making one of my own ever since. Add it to the list for the One Room Challenge! (Well, probably. Okay, just a maybe.) I snagged this simple set of glass vases from Ikea for the project. Which means mine will be nothing like the gorgeous examples below, but they are definitely inspiring nonetheless.

Anybody made their own terrarium (...or air plant rope. What the whaaaa??)? Seems pretty intuitive. I suspect the art is in selecting just the right combination of plants. Any tips?


Dana B said...

Yessss! Succulents are fun to mix and match. My suggestion is to just throw your favorite combo of colors/textures/heights into a little grouping and see what happens. Some may grow faster than others, but it's easy to propagate new ones for future pots or terrariums that way. Let me know if you want any succubabies--I have enough to share!

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