House Guest // Peonies and Brass

March 28, 2013

I'm excited to welcome today's house guest, whose style always appeals to the girly decorator in me. Her DIY skills are truly enviable and her taste in rugs is top notch (how do you score them, Elyse?!)

She's brought a little bit of spring our way and since we're rocking snow on the ground in Kansas City, I'm taking as much of that as I can get! Thanks for stopping by, Elyse!

. . . . . . .

Hey BIA lovers, Elyse from Peonies & Brass here, feeling positively giddy to be Tobe's house guest today!

If you follow Tobe on Instagram (and if you don't, you should!) then you know that it's not looking much like spring where she is. Two feet of fresh snow does not pretty new blooms make! Sadly, the same is true for a lot of us, but if you're anything like me you're still itching to usher old man winter out the door. So today I thought I'd bring you my tips/picks for fakin' it until we make it - Mother Nature be damned!

For me, welcoming spring is all about bringing luscious colour back into our lives - from watery blues, to berry pinks, to lemonade yellows. Take these two gorgeous spaces, for example. Don't they just scream sing spring?

These pretty ladies are all about taking a blank (dare I say wintry) white canvas and injecting pure joy into it, using nothing but punchy new textiles and natural textures. The best part? Maximum impact with minimum commitment. No new sofas or wallpaper paste required - just some well chosen accessories to add some serious drama. Even that stunner of a headboard is actually just a pretty scarf thrown over a neutral one!

Here are some of my pieces to help to get this season started, and quick:

  1. If you're on board with the switch-up, but not with a full-on rainbow, try cool blues and greens in patterns that evoke all kinds of life - from jungle cats to fig trees
  2. Baskets are a great way to bring in natural texture, plus they'll help you organize after that big spring cleaning. Nate's new offerings for Target are cheap and cheery, a total win win!
  3. Not afraid of a little boom boom pow? Then these bold pillows -from three of my fave etsy sellers - might be right up your alley! {hot pink // ikat // gold zig zag}
  4. I came across these vintage Bolivian blankets in the most recent Lonny, and they completely stole my heart! They'd be perfect as a pop of colour at the end of the bed, or to cover a boring banquette. Kantha quilts are another great option! 
  5. If you can't have fresh flowers, grab the next best thing. A change of seasons is just the excuse I need to indulge in a whole host of pretty new scents!
  6. West Elm's Soumake Jute rug is totally on point and easy on the wallet. Want something with a little (or a lot) more colour? Check out my fave turkish kilim vendor on ebay - you won't believe the selection and prices.
Thanks so much for having me Tobe! Here's hoping we all get a little real sunshine soon! xoxoxo


Unknown said...

A blog called peonies and brass? Did this lady walk into my home and pick out my favorite bits and pieces or something? If so, why didn't she leave one of these incredible rugs for me?


Unknown said...

Love all the bright colors, beautiful, lots of inspiration.

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

OMGGGGG!!!!! Love.

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

LOVE Elyse's spring picks!! Montreal's got talent! ;)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous picks!! Almost makes me forget we've got temperatures around 5 degrees (41F) today in the UK and had a snowstorm last week. Almost. Bring it on Spring! xxx

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