Inspired By 02.15.13

February 15, 2013

If you haven't entered the Annawithlove Photography giveaway, you betta get to it! Your odds are still pretty good.

Meg launched the February edition of her new Manifesto line, Lovers. Me likey. Get em while they're still available!

Erika posted yet another space that has me drooling. Minimalistic Chic and beyond gorge.

Maybe I'm way behind, but I just discovered the super gorgeous blog, Grey and Scout. Dear God, does that girl have good taste. She's a worthwhile Insta follow as well.

While we're talking Insta, Mr. Jonathan Lo has an incredible eye for making everyday things photo worthy. Graphic, colorful and beautifully composed pretty much every time. (I'm taking notes, good sir.)

Ummm...Blair. Can we sell these, please? Amazing!!

Enjoy your weekend!
We have some fun things to talk about next week, playas. ox

UPDATE: Obsessed with this. I had to add it to today's post. Air comin through my nose and tears streaming down my cheeks. This child is an angel on Earth, ya'll.


Unknown said...

Ok, I just lost an hour on Grey & Scout. Holy crap, such good taste. Thanks for the recommendation! And I love that Kid President. So freaking feel good, ya gotta love it! Happy Weekend Chick! xxx

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