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February 28, 2013

Have I mentioned that I'm craving spring once or twice in the last few weeks? Oh, I have? Still going strong. At least Gaby's in the mood for it too, as evidenced by our latest installment of Wear/Where. We're feeling inspired by Elva Fields big time.

Come spring, I intend to be going in and out of the front door very regularly. Talk about cabin fever with this late winter weather we're having in the midwest! Naturally, I'll want a beautiful vignette to greet me each time. This little situation should do just fine. Plus, it has practical qualities! Like a baller capiz pendant to add a bit of fancy for starters. Add a couple of gorgeous asian-inspired table lamps on either end of a modern console for mood or function. We have a playful tray to catch your keys (and reinforce positive mantra), a votive for that welcoming scent, and a stool for removing shoes upon entry (also conveniently mobile if you need extra seating in another part of the house). Can't leave out the bit of flare, yo. I'm loving these elegant faux horns for the finish.

from Gaby // Isn't everything Elva Fields creates beautiful? This necklace has all the good stuff going on: white, gold and a hint of emerald, what else could you ask for? I think it would perfectly dress up this soft chambray shirt that I've paired with this sexy gold foil skirt, don't you think? I love how these feminine bow pumps bring some femininity to this look, which I've finished with classic accessories like this pouchette bag, these cat-eye sunglasses (which are sold out, but here's a similar pair), and of course, some gold details with this cuff and these studs. What do you think? Are you into pairing high and low pieces together? I personally love the contrast ;)


Unknown said...

Love the blue and white lamps. I always like to put something blue and white in every room.

Chelsea said...

I love Elva Field's creations. Just incredible. This is such a great composition! Everyone seems to be itching for spring these days. xo

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

i would wear. where the hell out of all that..

Unknown said...

Fabulous. I love the combo of the denim top with that skirt and the horns are fabulous. Just everything. All of it. Yeah. x

Cortney W. said...

Seriously need that top!! So versatile...love it!!


Unknown said...

I like that denim top.And the skirt is also mind blowing. Love it.
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