Type Tuesday // Diptyque

November 13, 2012

On our first full day in the city, Eric and I wandered the Union Square shopping district and came across several noteworthy shops. When we happened upon the home of the blogger-coveted Diptyque candle, we obviously had to go in (well, I did) and were delighted to get the history of the company from one of the friendly associates.

A few fun facts:

* The three founders of Diptyque were artists. They originally opened shop to sell their fabric designs (one of which you see above) and treasures found while traveling. Eventually, they began to offer scented candles matching their designs. Not surprisingly, one of them was a painter, illustrator and budding typographer (yay for typographers!). He is responsible for the unique label designs, many of which were inspired by his sketches of their travels.

* And, on that note, rumor has it that the layout of the letters on each candle are representative of the ingredients (i.e. the letters on the Geranium Rosa label hang as -- you guessed it -- geraniums would). Crazy, right? The scents themselves are all deeply thought out, intended to capture the founders' varied experiences.

* Did you know that the proper way to sniff a Diptyque candle is to drop the candle out of the jar? According to our friend, the jar itself holds the truest likeness to the burning candle's scent. Is that always true, I wonder? Why didn't I know this?

I took the liberty of rounding up my favorite holiday/seasonal scents just. for. you.

Thé, Cannelle, Feu De Bois, Holiday Collection (Bois d'Oud, Oliban, Pin), Ambre

And now you know.


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Very interesting facts!

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

So funny -- I just found the Diptyque store on Maiden Lane the other day, when I was early for a dentist appointment! The sales guy I chatted with was equally as knowledgeable and friendly...wonder if it was the same one! I picked up an oranger candle, which I can't wait to burn over the holidays. Along with our Christmas tree, it's gonna smell goood up in this bitch.

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