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January 16, 2012

i have been doing a lot of antique/discount/consignment shopping for the house. a lot. and i feel like it's only fair that i share some of my hard-to-walk-away-from finds (some of which i'm going back for today, if they're still waiting for me).

mirrored chevron screen ($574,386,476,549,867,986,248,484):

these actually came home with the intention of gifting them, but we love them too much.
so guests will get the gift of using them when they come over instead :)
(set of 6 different vintage cars -- also snagged the tumbler version of the crest set in the back):

too trendy, but loved the color:

rugs are expensiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.
either that or i just love the expensive ones:

gravitating towards black for some reason:
* sorry for the blur *

wants to be recovered. too big for our space, but dig the shape and detailing:

i would buy 1,000 coffee tables if you let me:
loved this one. very nuevo estilo if paired with a colorful velvet sofa, no?

can you see that price tag? stupid:


contender for g/uest room. price included matching nightstands and dresser:
do people still match their furniture?

* sorry if you do. i mean no offense *

more stupid. gorgeous, but stupid:

i'm still considering this table:
it has beautiful detailing on the tabletop, and has a butterfly leaf system, which i really love because it stays round

french-y furniture kills (so did the price tag):

i am such a sucker for crystal decanters:
(of which my awesome mama gifted us 2 for christmas!!!!!!)
and they're better than all of these combined. i'll show you someday.

nice pedestal, attractive details:
only as a set and there weren't enough chairs.
plus, the price was not friendly. but i'm cheap frugal, so take that for what you will.

WHAT if you had a tabletop full of this gorgeousness?!?!!?!?
oh, you could do so many things with this china:

hahahahahahaha - i would never. but it sure is fun:

smoked gray chandy. i still think about this. the price really was right:

the mirror is missing and you can't tell that that's a marble countertop.
this was nails in person. more than i could spend on a non-essential piece of furniture,
but beautiful:

i love this to the end of the earth and back!!!!

another contender for g/uest room. could an 11-year-old possibly dig this?
it would be handed down to generation after generation of little tobe and erics:

get rid of the disgusting silk and we'll talk:
there were 6, which was awesome.

lovely strong occasional table:

my pimp cup and travel mug:

i think i'm going back for these napkin rings:
you would, right? for $16?

there were two of these:


when i'm queen with a giant sunroom:

this octagonal table was ridiculously fun with the navy upholstered chairs:
i just couldn't commit to a glass table if we're going to be having the chitlins (someday).

something stopped me.
but the price was right on all counts.

all right. tell me what i'm going back for . . .


Anonymous said...

i want to live in your blog. and i also want to talk you into going back for (almost) all of this. great finds!

marcy | a d's nest said...

...that gray chandelier and those lamps, dude. Seriously. go. back.

marcy | a d's nest said...

p.s. that mirrored screen is amaze-balls. I die.

Chelsea said...

Love the gold coffee table. Is it wrong that I also am drawn to the bear table? xo

veronica said...

You need to go get those napkin rings. And then you can ship them to me. :)

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

you HAVE been shopping up a storm! Lots of good finds here. That mirrored screen is amazeballs.

Michelle said...

Lamps, mirrored screen, napkin rings, occasional table, annnnd the armoire if it is a decent price... and if you don't go back for it I will force you into telling me where it is so I can :)

Anonymous said...

I have been doing LOTS of shopping too!! I know what it's like to "think about" a certain item and then going back and it being sold so you have to jump on the items you really love!!! I am obsessed with those napkin rings!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the sideboard too and the $1299 rug. Such a pretty colour!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Loving the cars glasses, so fun! You really need to go back for those napkin holders (like right now!) and the lamps (I would just change the shades).
Andddd, that console table, imagine how gorgeous would it be sanded and painted, such a strong statement!
Amazing finds!

Unknown said...

Great finds! I'm in love with those napkin rings, crystal decanters and the first coffee table. You'll have to keep us posted on what you're going to snag. Becauase I know you're going back!

Elyse | Peonies and Brass said...

OH MY GOD. If you don't want those napkin rings I will buy them from you (with a profit, natch) in two seconds! They are incredible.

I am so jealous of the quality of thrift in your neighborhood!

MFAMB said...

ok first of all you need to shop minty. nEED those lavender glasses. need.

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

The sofa is incredible - I would love to get that recovered!

magnolialovely said...

how do i purchase that occasional table??? what store is this?

Tobe | BIA said...

magnolialovely, are you in the kansas city area? i found that at the mission antique mall in corinth!

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