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November 8, 2011

not long ago, i discovered a very awesome project of one of my talented colleagues. josh started word ink back in 2009, but has recently reinstated the venture . . . which is exciting for us because it's one that we all get to take part in!

this is how it works: josh relates word ink to a word processing plant for which you provide the fuel.

once you start following the project on twitter (@26symbols), you submit a word of choice (keep it clean, people).
as time allows, josh will letter your word and tweet you a link back to the blog!

because word ink is all about celebrating lettering and words, he prefers not to do names, but your words can be legit, made up or blended, as you'll see in some of his previous pieces. styling is based on interpretation, so it might be illustrative, calligraphic, casual, etc.

fun, right??? isn't he talented?!?

if you're so inclined, he's back in full force. submit your word to @26symbols to see what he comes up with!

*all designs courtesy of 26symbols, and are not for resale or commercial use.


J. Henderson said...

love this! did you misspell your word on purpose?

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

I love the flamingo one, even though I have no idea what it says/means. :)

Elise said...

I love these - they're adorable - thank you for sharing!!


Unknown said...

The flamingo - yess! I'm always so impressed with those with gorgeous handwriting...like Victoria!

Josh Scruggs said...

Ha! It’s actually supposed to be an ostrich. Struthious means: related to or resembling the ostrich.
Weird word, I know.

Tobe | BIA said...

i see an ostrich, josh. the white neck band gives it away!

Chelsea said...

Oh god, I love this! What a great project. I am obsessed.

Unknown said...

Love this!! Great find!

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