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November 29, 2011

okay, my friends. i told you that you were in for a treat these next couple of weeks....well, i've asked some of my favorite ladies on the intranets to come by and talk new home inspiration (because you know i need some!). today, we're kicking off the guest series of all guest series with sarah from la maison boheme. i'm not sure when i first discovered sarah's lovely home on the web, but i can tell you that i haven't gone too long without my fix ever since.

if you're into bohemian goodness to the nth degree, you will definitely want to pay her a visit!

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Hello all - Sarah here from La Maison Boheme
Okay Tobe, I know you've already got a zillion and one design plans for your new abode, but I wanted to offer my two cents.  I'm thinking modern nouveau bohemian, great art, an avalanche of ethnic textiles, Moroccan overtones and statement piece lighting.  Are you down?  Your entry is a mix of vintage art and found objects.  And if someone asks, "Why did you pick this item?" you can say, "Because its awesome." Duh.

For the living room, I'm thinking lots of cushy bench seating with fabulous pillows and mixed textiles.
And whatever you do, please consider tossing a lot of this on anything that will stand still.
...and more pillows for good measure.
In the kitchen, you guessed it.  
More ethnic prints, some Persian rug action and great lighting.
The bedroom should be simple but also transport you to some serene exotic location.
I love the idea of a large central bed, hanging textiles and well-placed elegant lighting.
I love the idea of a dining nook that doubles as a library.
... and another awesome lighting installation.
And to top it off, the boho bathroom of my dreams.
Except its for you.
Tobe, thank you so much for having me.  
Best best best of luck with the house.
Call me when you're ready for a housewarming!

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deal, sarah!
thanks so much for this insane display of pure awesomeness.

bet the rest of you feel like visiting her now, eh?


Anonymous said...

I love these choices for your new home. I love them for my home, as a matter of fact. Wonderful.

I've visited sarah's blog and have it bookmarked. Thanks for the introduction.

Morlee said...

I love the styling of these homes. I'm obsessed with an eclectic style! I love the lighting in the kitchen and the room of pillows!

Lily said...

That kitchen is one of my all the rooms !!


Carrie Reed said...

The lighting fixture in the dinning/library. I think I can make that happen. Looks like some old fencing I have laying around, just needs the light kit. I should have picked up that white scalloped fencing at the Happy Barn. That would have made a cute farm cottage lighting fixture.

Tobe | BIA said...

yes, carrie!! we're probably going to regret a lot of things we didn't pick up at happy barn :)

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

Everything about this post feels very Tobe!! Sarah's got you pegged. Great job! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Tobe I always love your images, and Sarah's are just as awesome! I have been feeling so uninspired with my own place lately, you have no idea how much I've needed this! Thank you for the indoors to too!

MFAMB said...

that's good shit. and not at all the direction i went. so at least you have options.

and yes, that bathroom is the stuff dreams are made of.

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