diamonds in the rough

June 6, 2011

my affection for vintage steals persists. after an amazing biscuits and gravy breakfast at bluebird bistro (seriously. are you local? go there. it's the best), husband and i headed to kansas city antique treasure good juju and neighboring shops. (note: sooo lazy with the camera, and these places were packed, so i assure you that there was waaay more goodness than this.)

you're saying no, but let me tell you that if you saw it in person, your heart would say yes. totally worth it for the shade alone. if this one had a mate, they would have come home with me.
$30 for this glam goodness
$95. if i had anywhere for this, it would have come home. i even made husband sit in it to convince him that it would be necessary someday. i didn't win this one.
photo is not doing this monstrosity justice. it was the most amazing color, solid as a rock, and so huge. if we had a more modern aesthetic going on, it would be the neatest compliment.

and what made it home?
$6 and $10. the black one might occasionally don one of my grandma's old brooches to dress it up. the gold one is sort of a stretch for me, but i just think it will add the coolest touch to any LBD.
she's so annoyed with me for interrupting her nap. i've been trying to find a pair of inexpensive brass task lamps forever. even though i didn't score a pair, i couldn't pass this one up for such a great price tag.
this guy is getting a hit of glossy black paint so he can live happily above the sofa between the windows. would you believe that we paid $22.50 for this baby? it's huge and in perfect shape.

success, i say.


scsd said...

Great finds.... LOVE that lampshade in the first pic!

blair @ scsd

annawithlove said...

what amazing finds!

pink . gray . gold said...

wow! amazing finds + deals. if only i could find those deals in la!

marcy | a d's nest said...

I love that mirror...I even like it in that color! $22.50? Say whaaaa?

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize you were in KC! I live here too, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't know any of the good antique shopping. I can't wait to check out good juju!! It looks like my kind of prices too :)

Tobe | BIA said...

jennifer - definitely check it out! great finds for great dollas. there's also an antique mall nearby in the river market. half of my furniture came from there :)

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