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May 18, 2011

so, remember when i solicited your very stylish advice for the living room? (i use the term living room loosely, as really i have mostly one big multi-purpose room.) well, i have made the tiniest bit of progress. while it's not exactly what i was planning, on a recent trip to chicago (aka heaven of the midwest), we stopped at ikea and i couldn't pass up these pillows. i feel like they totally do the job of the aboriginal lamp i had been lusting after from redecorating option 3!

i love them. i wish my couch was beige, but whattayagonnado? i don't think having it reupholstered is the answer when we need to be saving our pennies for a new house. what if this guy is perfect in all of its sage glory in its someday home? really, i've been dreaming of a sleek, cozy sectional since they started appearing in every issue of lonny, so he might not be staying with us in the long run. we shall see.

the lamp used to live "in the office" (yes, 3 feet to the right), and it might move back if i spot something i like better once i figure out what to do with the wall space between the windows. art? mirror? it needs something, i'm just not sure what. you can barely see that my amy kligman original made its way to the "office" wall. me loves it there. however, i am a bit worried about fade issues with the sunlight . . . and kindly ignore my still-in-use-from-college target shelving and filing cabinet. a girl's gotta make do sometimes.

also still hunting for a little something to go on the other side of the armoire (on top of which is where things go to die - like that out of control z plant). i would love something that adds just a bit of graphic color, which will be fun to search for.

just a little peek into me casa. all photos via yours truly.

happy wednesday!


KC said...

I'm lusting after a green sofa right now! seriously dont change a thing about it! my other living room chairs are a cognac leather, and i think the green would accent it so nicely. LOVE those pillows too...great find!

Jackie said...

It looks great! I actually love a good sage green sofa. Or "moss" if you want to chic it up a bit ;) The pillows look great on it. And I am dying over your brick walls!

Tobe | BIA said...

thanks, ladies!!

kc, i thought i was going to rearrange for awhile, and i totally had my eye on some cognac chairs. you're so right - would look fab!

jackie, yes, moss. so much more sophisticated :)

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

What a beautiful space! Loving how the grays and b/w combo totally sells the loft living/industrial chic look...Great finds!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Anonymous said...

I love those pillows and that lamp! The space looks awesome, lady!

Nat @ dear little house said...

You could always put a throw over the couch for the time being?

over stock lighting said...

I love your green sofa I think it is already great. And it goes well with the pillows. :D

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