type tuesday || the typery

March 29, 2011

turns out, i'm becoming victoria macey's number one fan. couldn't resist posting another project of hers; the typery, a concept for a bakery that creates sweets based on typographic forms.

uuuuuummm...who thinks i would be the first in line on opening day? yessir.

this concept style guide is pretty incredible:

images via victoria macey


lark + linen said...

I never realised how much I loved typography until I started reading your blog. i LOVE this. Love. I feel like it's me in book form.

Mrs. Gumshoe said...

Combine sweets with anything and I'm there. So cute!

Tobe | BIA said...

so glad you like, ladies!

jacqueline - call me when you want to do such a project :)

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