aaaand i'm back

March 7, 2011

whew. last week was a whirlwind. this week is shaping up to be the same, but i can't stay away that long! in reality, it was sort of nice to be away from the computer a bit. sometimes, we're so overexposed that we forget center, you know?

last week, i celebrated this beautiful man for his 30-something birthday. i literally can't describe what a blessing he has been to my life. he's my rock and my perfect complement, and i can't imagine my life without him. happy birthday, baybay!

first two are engagement photos by misha kligman || last two are ours

we also got to celebrate another special friend of ours on her big 3-0. i put this bottle label together as a little gift.

 hubs snapped these quickly before the party as i was getting fancied up - sorry they're less than profesh

over the weekend, hubs and i visited a few open houses. this has become a sunday norm over the last several months. yesterday was an exciting one because after looking at countless homes, i finally had "that" feeling. you know how you're supposed to walk into your home and just know it? well, this one is a bit of a compromise size-wise, but with great expansion potential, and it was just so beautifully kept up. hubs caught me with a goofy smile on more than one occasion. i can't stop thinking about it! so, naturally, i had to put together a mood board for one of the rooms...these pieces would be amazing with all of the beautiful wood and windows of the living room.


wishing you a fabulous week!


A Perfect Gray said...

he's so totally cute.

Unknown said...

He's adorable- both of you are! Love that bottle label you made and the board....LOVE TO DEATH!!! Seriously- adore!

lark + linen said...

eeek!! So happy for you! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out

Tobe | BIA said...

thanks, ladies. he's definitely a keeper :)

jacquelyn -- we're going back tomorrow for another look! keep them crossed! ox

marcy | a d's nest said...

love everything...happy Bday, baybay.

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