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February 22, 2011

these videos for education first are ridiculously awesome. not only are they fantastically motivating to get my booty to the other side of the pond stat, but the type usage is stellar as well.

i can't decide where i need to go first....

the stories portrayed are so endearing.

i can hardly resist the charm! where should we go?


manvi @ mochatini said...

hi Tobe,
I loved the french video. keep meaning to put it up mochatini too. didnt know they were part of a series. thanks for sharing.
ps: david gray concert was a bit of a snooze until the end when he played my favs.

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Oh, I'm so glad you posted these! I could watch them over and over again if it didn't make me too sad that I'm not there, ha!

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