i want to be on you

February 17, 2011

...outside on a deck, that is. it is gorgeous outside today. what the hell am i doing in an office?!!?

i hope some of you are out there enjoying this! i'd like to be in the 4th photo...overlooking a napa vineyard...sucking down fruit juice, as i fondly refer to it. maybe some cheese and crackers. maybe just the juice. plenty of warm and sunny to bask in.

t'would be heavenly.

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laura said...

i hoping this is what a honeymoon in napa looks like. oh it will be glorious!

Tobe | BIA said...

yes, hello, understatement. nice to meet you.

you guys are going to have SUCH a great time!!

Anonymous said...

oh I am right there with you! Any of these outdoor settings would be a dream right now as I'm at the office...


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