Interiors // November 2012 Elle Decor

October 18, 2012

I'd like to call a moment of silence for the home of Alex Papachristidis as seen in this month's Elle Decor.

Now let's talk about what's working, starting with the library above.
Oh, wait. That would be everything.
Except I'd maaaaybe consider painting the ceiling a (light) color. Icy blue?

Mmhmm. Complaints here?
Only that I am fairly certain I can't afford that wallpaper.

I'm obsessed with all of the cool tones/fabrics and their play with the golds/woods/warm wallpaper.
Everything looks so rich. It's tough for some people to make antiques look so inviting.

Please look at that floor. Shit be busy as hell in this space and it's still soothing, particularly in that first shot of the living room.
Is that even possible?

 This dining room is nails (no pun intended).
Nailheads on walls is very clearly trending this year. I'm okay with that.
The peace sign throws me a little bit. Looks sort of like my 6-year-old niece made it out of tinfoil.

Ready for the bedrooms?

No you're not.

Granted, it would be a lot to take it every morning and every night.
But let's say it's your guest room. Your gorgeous over the top guest room.

Or perhaps you prefer reds?

Sweet Jesus, I would pay good money to see this place in person. Obscene amounts to be their guest for a night or two (one night in each room for good measure).

Well done, Mr. Papachristidis. Well done.


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

dont even show me that first room. love that sofa fabric and its been discontinued.

I admire Papa's talent and sass, but in general this is way too much for me.

thanks for the recap. I Havent bothered to open my elle decor in ohhh months. now I'm debating if its worth 10 bucks to renew for 2 years.

jacquelyn | lark&linen said...

a little ornate for my PERSONAL taste, but I can't deny their beauty! I never thought I'd be attracted to something like this but, alas, I am. Totally because of you my friend! You have some eye

My Interior Life said...

I think the term "over the top" might have been created for Mr. P. I do love how he can mix it up and some rooms appeal to me more than others. I think my favorite is the dark library. Shocker.

I know I couldn't handle that much pattern on the walls (makes me feel a little anxious and claustrophobic), but it is oh so pretty!

I agree about the peace art. Did you notice there's a piece by the same artist in the blue bedroom? It kind of blends in to the wall but I think it says "US" - hmm. Reminds me of a shrinky-dink (am I dating myself?).

Leah said...


Jessica said...

Gorgeous. I have been drooling over the cover since mine arrived in the mail, but haven't had time to dig into it yet.
Loving it.


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