type tuesday // P.A.R. ... and thoughts on simplifying

March 13, 2012

i am gravitating towards simplicity like crazy lately. i'm fairly certain it's an indication of what i'm craving in my life.

 after a couple weeks of trying hard to be plugged into social media less and focus on the world around me more, i'm starting to gain some clarity around what i want the next few years of my life to look like.

getting back into an exercise routine is tops on my list right now. it's been waaaaay longer than any human being should go without regular exercise, and i honestly believe it has changed my chemical makeup. (yes, that's possible.)

which should explain the sporatic posting of late, and probably a bit more in the coming weeks as i try to establish new routine that includes exercise, time away from my computer, decorating instead of speculating and, hopefully, a few weekend trips as spring sets in.

what say you about how to do it all? i suspect we all struggle from time to time with managing our schedules and achieving goals. is anyone else like me, constantly reassessing what's most important?

images via P.A.R.

i would love to hear how you guys attempt to keep things simple - or at least get back to center - in your own lives.


C said...

I totally agree with you. Being pregnant (31 weeks and counting) and working six days a week makes it hard to find time for myself or simply relax and breath. My latest attempts to find some mental peace include quitting lots of websites I used to write in (tumblr, facebook, pinterest...only keeping my blog and I program my posts in advance), making myself walk to work every morning and quitting sugar (hardest thing ever!!!). Also, after the baby is born I plan to start running again, hire a personal trainer for the summer and (dont laugh) make myself a big wall countdown calendar to get back to my prepregnancy weight LOL!
Little healthy things...you know?

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

Glad to hear you refocused and gained some clarity. You have to take care of yourself first! And you are right- there are so many benefits to exercise, it's insane!

Like Me Some said...

Less tweeting and more exercise! That is what I need :)So hard to disconnect!

sarah | chevrons and stripes said...

Tobe I am soooo on the same page as you. I haven't exercise in a really scary amount of time, like longer than ever and I'm terrified to get back on the bandwagon! Good for you for taking hold of the situation. I keep telling myself I'm going to get away from the computer, get outside more, exercise, eat right.... That was a few months ago... yikes! Hoping you'll inspire me!

Michelle said...

Take me on your journey :)

I really need to get on this boat. I know I will feel better if I exercise but I just can't find time to fit it in! (SAD excuse!)

Erin said...

I will let you do all the exercising for the both of us!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Sometimes I find hard to disconnect but I like to keep in track with my priorities so in order to do that I have to draw a line. I'm not big on facebook, I use pinterest to pin but rarely just browse it for fun (I would love to but don't have the time!) and some days I'm really not on twitter, and then I just appear, it just depends on how much stuff I need to get done.
For me, exercising is a must, it keeps my energy levels high, is my "me time" and I just enjoy it very much (I'm miserable when I don't run) so if I have to choose between being online or running, running it is!
I agree that sometimes it's hard to get away from the computer but we have a life! And how can you enjoy it and take in everything that surrounds you if you are constantly tweeting, or pinning, or whatever? ;)

Shannon said...

Sometimes I get annoyed with how much time I spend online...I am not creating anything (unless blog content counts?), or getting any sort of exercise, or even educating myself...*sigh*

So I use the blog to motivate me to create, to exercise and to educate...well, not educate so much...unless you count improving my photography skills! So then it is all good!

Nat @ dear little house said...

I keep extensive 'to do' lists, keeps me on track!

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