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December 13, 2011

visiting today is the very chic gabrielle from savvy home. if you've ever visited her blog (and i think you should), you will know why i don't miss a post. she very simply has the best eye for amazing spaces (you know, the ones that you stare at so you can dissect every last detail. every. time.) and she curates a mean round up. quite thrilled to have her stop by BIA with her fabulousness!

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Hello fellow Awesomites, Gabrielle from Savvy Home here. I was over the moon when Tobe asked me to fill in while she's settling into her new home. Moving is always exciting, but it's also a truckload of work!

We settled into our house about a year ago with NADA. Decorating has definitely been a process. One that is still in motion! Starting with a blank canvas can be hard, so I thought I'd help Tobe by sharing a few tips and giving her some ideas for her new house.

 (please excuse my poor typography skills!)
1. Find inspiration: In Tobe's case, this was easy. Her blog is filled to the brim with beautiful interiors.

2. Find the common thread in the inspiration images: there's always a few common threads between the inspiration images. Compile a list of things that appear in more than one (see left).

3. Consider space and budget. Invest in good-quality larger items like sofas. Make sure they are timeless and will last you a lifetime. Allow yourself to splurge on 1-2 items you absolutely couldn't live without. They will set the tone for your home. Accessories can often be found on a budget and can be swapped easily.

4. Here comes the fun part: sourcing materials (more casually known as shopping)! I always work from the ground up. Rugs and large furniture first, then paint or wallpaper. It's easier to match paint to a rug than the other way around. Then comes smaller accessories, lighting, art, etc.

Here's what I came up with for Tobe. The best part is that all the accessories are under $200! Art can be mixed high and low (from original to prints) and arranged into a gallery wall.




Under $100

Under $200


Thanks for having me Tobe. Hope you are settling well into your new home!

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i don't know . . . that board doesn't look anything like my style.
except that it looks an awful lot like the family room i've been dreaming up!
gab, you've done it again. many thanks for stopping by!


victoria | vmac+cheese said...

I heart Gab like it's nobody's business. She's the sweetest, the coolest, and I'm so happy I met her online! Per usual, her picks here are perfection. I adore the copper tree sculpture (where does she find this great stuff????)

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

What a great post, absolutely great tips! I'm in love with the pink rug and the mirror side table! Came by from Gabs blog ;)

Unknown said...

Such great tips and amazing application of them! Love your picks Gabrielle, as always. That pink runner would be a stunner in my entry hall. ;o)

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Amazing collection. I love it all from the rugs to the chinoiserie to the beautiful accessories!

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