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October 6, 2011

so, because i know you're pretty much desperate for an update, no, we're still not owners of a new home.
but we did bid on one a couple of weeks ago that i feel kind of good about.

potential future office  ||  via la maison boheme

i mean, the seller considered our offer laughable. she came down a mere $500 from her listing price.

potential future living room  ||  meg ryan's home via elle decor

to which we countered, and i wrote a very respectful "you're absolutely nutsoid if you think we're going to pay you that much for your house. we're smarter than that."

potential future kitchen  ||  via arianna belle

to which she replied "sure, i'll come down a few Gs for you."
unfortunately, still not enough for us.

potential entertaining porch  ||  via kotori

now, before you decide that we're off our rockers and that our expectations are too high, i will say that we carefully considered the comps (that's "comparables" for those of you lucky enough to not be going through this process right now) before evaluating the value of this home. it hasn't been updated in all of its 28 years of existence (read: total. 80s.) and homes in that kind of . . . distress . . . are going for a certain price. the price we asked. most of them in this particular hood go for even less.

potential future master bedroom  ||  via melanie avecedo

even though we didn't get it the first time around, she's pretty fresh on the market, so she'll see the light soon enough.

potential future master bath  ||  via the style encyclopaedia

then we'll get it, and i swear by all that is holy, i will be interviewing photogs to immortalize our home.
and i'll be worried about things like "well, would i rather be in house beautiful or lonny?"

okay, maybe not, but it's that good. and a girl can dream.


mary said...

Those inspo photos are lovely! Keep on dreaming sunshine, dreams really do come true! Hope it works out soon! :) xox!

Mrs. Gumshoe said...

Preach it, guuurl! That lady be cuh-razy. You keep her in line and go get your house!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm quite sure that dream will be a reality before you know it!!! Sending positive 'that house will be yours' vibes your way sweetie. xo

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

I love that everyone thinks that their home is the best on the market therefor it is worth more than anything else. See it all the time...and the $500, that is redonculous! Oh well, let the hunt continue, you will find the right space and maybe in a few weeks she will realize that your offer is the one to take. Fingers crossed!

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

Best of luck! She'll get with the program soon. As soon as you are in your new place, I think getting your bathroom to look like that last photo should be priority #1. Tres gorgeous.

Nat @ dear little house said...

Keep on trucking!

Chelsea said...

Good luck, Tobe! I can't wait for that day I am flipping through House Beautiful and I see your house.

jacquelyn | lark + linen said...

I have good feelings for you! My fingers are cramping up from all of the crossing. You got this!

Tobe | BIA said...

you guys are awesome! thanks for the spirit! ox

MFAMB said...

i am behind all potential room choices 100%.
good luck on the negotiations.

agnes szucs said...

your future office is just awesomeness!

agnes / iiiinspired

Anonymous said...

Ha! I like your post title!! I am drooling over your office inspiration!! House shopping is so fun, but the actual buying is NOT!! Good luck xoxo e&a

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