tickled pink

August 26, 2011

 image via flickr

have i mentioned how awesome you guys are? really. cheers to each and every one of you. i won't pour one out for you because i don't believe in wasting good social beverages, but i will drink one in your honor. actually, i'll drink two, i like you so much!

sometimes i think i post things subconsciously knowing that this amazing blog community will get me through it. thank you for your uplifting words yesterday; they really mean so much! promise i'm not actually suicidal. just occasionally overdramatic (my real life friends are amening right now, aren't you?).

plus, now i have someone to wow when we DO find that place. because i'm pretty sure my husband isn't going to be jumping up and down with me. mostly because he'll be busy thanking God that the search is finally over  :)

here's to a beautiful weekend and beautiful friends. east coasters, please stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo!!

'Please visit our new website www.tableandtop.com'

Unknown said...

Love that photo and I'm with you...not sure what I did before blogging- the support is amazing:) xo

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