father's day fiesta

June 17, 2011

i have quite the line-up of dads to honor this weekend! besides my own, we'll be celebrating husband and my little brother. i'm so amazed by all of these men, and the incredible father figures they are to their kids. there is nothing like having a father to look up to as a young woman. though my dad and i have had strains in our relationship from time to time, i could never ask for a more amazing man to have contributed to the woman i am today.

to these very special men (and to the ones you're celebrating this weekend), we thank you with our whole hearts, and we raise a very full (ahem . . . margarita) glass to you this sunday and everyday!

my mom and i will be putting together a stylish fiesta for our special men, complete with homemade salsa, guac, enchiladas and assorted mexican beverages.

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will you be celebrating the dads in your life?


scsd said...

sounds perfect!! enjoy your day!

blair @ scsd

Sarah Greenman said...

I want to jump into that salad pictured last. YUM!

Hannah said...

My dad unfortunately is out of town but we'll celebrate another time. So.... since I don't have anything to do now this Sunday, can I come over and help you eat all the delicious food? Seriously, you won't even know I'm there. Won't be talking anyway since I will have my mouth full the entire time.
All kidding aside, enjoy the day with your family!

Thanks for sharing!
xoxo Hannah
Heaps of Dreams

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Ohh I love this idea!! I love mini tacos. This also allows dad to take a break from the grill on his day. I celebrated with my pops last weekend when I went back to Texas to visit. He ended up grilling on the day we were celebrating but he wouldn't have it any other way.

have a great week!

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