Artist // Reagan Geschardt

March 29, 2013

No surprise that these abstracts from Reagan Geschardt absolutely slay me.

Sands at Sunset

Fields of Lavendar


Water Lilies

Strangely, even though I am wildly attracted to the glorious brights above, I see this one working out best at home.
Stunning over a sofa or dining room buffet, no??


Wishing you an equally glorious weekend! ox


Sadie + Stella said...

Amazing pieces! I am obsessed!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...


My Interior Life said...

You always introduce us to the best artists. Pinning these now!

Happy weekend!

Nuha said...

I really like the colors of the third painting - very pretty!

Becky K said...

Oh my this is definitely right up my alley. my favorites are peter doig, cy twombly, and marc chagall. These are absolutely stunning.


Jennifer Boyd said...

Love these too, great colors.

emmy-ray said...

What lovely colorful stuff. The one thing our home lacks is a wall big enough for a beautiful statement painting. Boo!

emmy-ray said...

Beautiful, bright colors. These could definitely inspire a whole room!

sophie casier said...

Waouw! Marvellous. ..

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